Ellis Island Field Trip

As a school field trip, the fifth grade went to Ellis Island. As transportation, we took two coach buses. Since there are three fifth grade classes, each bus had one class and half of a class. Mrs. Boyer’s Class was on one bus with half of my class (Mrs. Edward’s Class), Ms. Cooper’s Class was on the other bus with the other half of my class. I was on the bus with Ms. Cooper’s Class. Each coach bus had a bathroom and six little TVs, three on each side.
Our trip started at seven AM and ended at four thirty PM. We rode the bus there for about fifty minutes. Then we got onto a boat to Ellis Island. Then we explored Ellis Island for about three hours. Then we had lunch and got on another boat to see the Statue of Liberty. After that, we went back to the bus and drove home.
I had fun on the field trip. My favorite part was going on the boat. I love boats because I have a little boat that I sail in the Long Island Sound. I would like to go there again.