My Ignite Presentation

At school, I had to do an Ignite Presentation. An Ignite Presentation is a presentation that is ninety seconds. There are seven slides, an intro, five picture slides, and a conclusion. The first and last slides are called burn slides because the in the beginning and the end, you don’t have the audience’s full attention. The main rule in an Ignite Presentation, is that it has to tell a story.

I decided to do my Ignite on the most recent storm. I chose this because it was the only thing that was fresh in my mind, and since I lost power, I thought that it would be an interesting story.

The assignment was to make a presentation with pictures and a script in a week. You had to memorize your script for the final presentation. I thought that it would be really hard. On the day of the presentation, I was really nervous, but I thought that I did well.

This is my Ignite Presentation:

Scratch Game #4

The last game that I made is called Car Ride. This one is pretty hard and it’s my favorite. You are supposed to get the balls on the car ride without running into any of the buildings.

Here it is:

Scratch Game #3

The third game that I made is called Save the Snowman! It is a pong game where you have to bounce something in the air without letting it hit the ground. In this case, I used a drum to bounce a snowman in the air. The red at the bottom is the global warming. You’re supposed bounce the snowman back in the air and not let it fall into the global warming.

Here it is:

Scratch Game #1

The first game that I made was a simple game. It is a catch game called Winter Fun. You try to catch the ball in the scarf. You can see your score, how many times you caught the ball.

This is my game:

Welcome to 2016-2017

It’s a brand new school year! I’m tired.

I’m tired because I didn’t get enough sleep. I was too excited about sharing my curiosity project.

I am also tired because I went to bed late and woke up a bit earlier than usual.

One last reason why I’m tired is because I had a tough brake. I did lots of important things and my god parents slept over at my house.