My Colonial Book Reflection

I had so much fun making my new Colonial America Book. I enjoyed researching colonial battles between the Native Americans and the Colonists. It was also fun, but challenging, formatting and fitting everything in my colonial book. I had a great experience.
I did the same topic as Noah, but in the end, the two presentations came out pretty different. Check out his book.
When I researched, I used 2 books and one website. I read the book, Blood On The River By Elisa Carbone and The Real Story of The Weapons and Battles of Colonial America by Kristine Asselin. The website that I used was

Cam Jansen and the ghostly mystery

In the book, Cam Jansen and the ghostly mystery Cam and Eric [her friend] are on line to buy tickets to a concert performed by the Triceratops Pops when somebody in a ghost costume starts scaring  people by shouting”BOO!”
Then, the ghost scares an old man and it nearly makes him have a heart attack, and while that was happening the woman selling tickets, Sally, realizes that she’s been robbed. She said that the ghost threatened her to give her all the money that she had from selling the tickets and then give her all of her money while the ghost pointed a gun at her head.


My initial thoughts…

My initial thoughts about my brand new blog are that I’m pretty excited and I’m pretty nervous. I mean what if I mess up in front of the whole world! But otherwise I am pretty exited. I am starting to post on my first very own blog, but that means that I have a really big responsibility. My blog is a pretty big deal to me. Now I know what it’s like to be famous.
I wonder what would go on in the next few months on my blog. What would be on it? It might be full of awesome posts and replies or it might be pretty empty. I hope that I get to post as much as I can. I hope that I’ll get lots of replies on my posts. I am so excited. I can’t wait to find out what happens next on my awesome blog.