Building My Automata

The last project of the year was building your automata. I was going to give it to my dad for Father’s Day. It would spin around saying Happy Father’s Day and smiley faces would go up and down on the sides.
The first step was making a sketch. Then I had to cut my box frame out of cardboard. I drew the line where the flaps were so I could cut them of. After I cut off the flaps, I used the corners to cut a triangle that measured 1.5 inches. After I cut four of them, I hot glued them to the corners of the automata on the inside. This would keep it sturdy and all angles right angles. Next, I had to poke the holes through the frame with an awl. This is where my axle with be. I also had to make the hole right in the center. After that, I had to cut my cams (circles in the axle) and followers (circles on top of the cams). They were first drawn with a compass to make a perfect circle. Then I cut them with a scroll saw. The followers were slightly bigger than the cams. After I cut them, I had to sand the edges to make them smooth. Then I had to make three evenly spaced out holes at the top of my automata. Next, I glued three straws on the holes. After that, I had to cut my followers smaller so all three would fit. Then I realized that the one in the middle that spins wouldn’t fit. Instead, I had to use gears which were smaller. After that, I glued the pistons onto the followers and gear. To keep the middle piston and straw in place, I made four congruent right triangles and glued them. To keep the other followers from moving, I cut out two equal pieces of paper. Then I  made tabs on the sides and glued them to the top of the automata and the tops of the followers. Next, I made the sign that spun around on top saying “Happy Father’s Day.” I used markers and then glued it to a cardboard circle to keep it sturdy. Then I made a hole in the middle so I could attach it to the piston. Next, I glued it to the piston. After I did that, I had to make my smiley faces. I first drew them on an iPad and then I cut them in a laser cutter. Next, I colored the smiley faces with yellow marker. After that, I hot glued them to the other pistons. Then it was done.