Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Day, is this Monday, January 20 (2020) he did a lot of important things like, convince most people that segregation is bad, making segregation abolished, and marching, never stopping just because he was getting threatening phone calls, his house getting bomb, his brothers house being bombed and being told he would get arrested. These things were very brave. Imagen getting your house bombed or being threatened on phone calls! I think that if he hadn’t been alive during the time of segregation, there might still be segregation, OK maybe someone else would make segregation abolished, but there would’ve been segregation for a lot longer. I think he made the biggest impact on anything in the history of this country.

Final Reflection

Team collaboration

I think that over the hole rocketry unit our team was one of the best at team collaboration. Most of the time we stayed on task there was only a few times that we got of task, but over all we did a pretty good job on it, with a few areas to improve.

Rocket launches

Our teams rocket launches were really good we were fair about jobs, also when we were making the jobs for the second and third launches we based it on hew got to pick first and last. So since I got picked first (because I got picked out of that hat first) I got to pick my job first, but the second time it was the opposite.


Inspiration board

The first step to making the Inspiration board was to make it on a google drawing then converting it onto a big piece of paper. So after we were done making it on the google drawing we then printed it, cut it out and then glue it onto the big piece of paper that Mrs. Edwards gave to us.


Slide show

When we were making our slide show it took us the most time out of everything that we did in the unit, but it was still fun. We had 18 slides in total. Going in the order of; title page, inspiration board, first rocket design, 1st attempt at our 1st rocket, launching our first rocket, 2nd attempt at our first rocket, graph results for our first rocket, rocket design #2, building our second rocket, launching our second rocket, graph results for our second rocket, 3rd Rocket Design, 3d rocket launch, graph results for rocket 3, team collaboration, average amount of feet for each group, engineering design process, end slide.


Over all

In conclusion this unit was the best unit in all the grades. I think we got to do so many things that were so fun, like the building part, the slide show part, the blogs, and the launches. I wish that I could do this hole unit again!


launching and graphing rocket 1


When we launched the rocket we had jobs my job was to retrieve the rocket so after the rocket landed I went and picked it up where it landed. I think after I did it I realized it was a little easier, but it was still fun being the first one to pick it up after it landed!



After we were done launching it we graphed it to see how high it went in feet because we already knew how high it went in clinometer. When we converted it it went 156 feet which was the second highest in the class! I think that we did a good job on our rocket because it went second highest. 

Were we happy?

We were really happy because our rocket went the second highest in the class. We think that if the clinometer readers were a little better, but over all we think we did a good job with the launch.


launching and Graphing rocket 2


When we were launching rocket 2 we had jobs like when we did our 1st launch. I was the rocket pumper so basically I got to pump air into the box with a bike pump. Every teem filled it to the same amount, 50 psi. It was mostly fun and a little bit hard. It was hard because it felt like there was a lot of resistance.  



After the launch all the teems had to graph the height of the rockets based on what the clonamoter readers said it was. The clononomer readers saw how high it went in clononomers, but we transferred it into feet. Our rocket went 139 feet which was a little disappointing because our first one went higher (the first one went 156 feet).

Designing and building rocket 3


When we designed our 3rd rocket we changed the fins but left the nose cone and the body the same. We changed the fins this time because for our second rocket we could only change one thing and we changed the body from the thin tube to the thicker tube, but we also wanted to make the fins bigger, so now we can have both on one rocket. We decided to keep the body size and the nose cone size the same because we think that did better.



When we built our rocket we tried to make it the same exact thing as the design so that it would be accurate to what we wanted. I feel like this time there weren’t as many mistakes, I think that is because we had a lot of experience since we did it a lot. we also made the nose cone hot glued and taped.

Designing and Building Rocket #1


Designing and building our first rocket was really fun because we got to be like engineers and design our rocket to be successful when we launch the rocket. It was also really fun because we where challenged to do our best when designing and building our Rocket, or else our Rocket would not go as high.

The Research  

Researching wasn’t that hard because I found a really good website called It had so much good information about rockets and what they need, like: rockets need to be aerodynamic, they need to have a sharp nose cone and the wings need to be the same size and weight.

The Design 

Designing our first rocket was really fun since we got to do it on a google drawing. The actual design was it had three fins a pointy nose cone and we got to pick a body size, there was a small tube and a big tube. We chose the small tube because we thought that it would force the rocket up more.


Our team was mostly really good at cooperating with each other. The only time we were not so good at cooperating was when we would make two things, but we only needed one thing and we would argue which one was better.

Building Our Rocket

when we built our rocket we made it really close to the design as possible. When we built it we used hot glue for putting the fins on and th nose cone on and we used tape over that to make sure it was completely on. We also put tin foil on the nose cone and on the fins because we thought that it would be smoother.



Designing and Building Rocket #2

Designing Rocket #2

When we designed our second rocket we could only change one thing, we changed the tube from the smaller tube, to the bigger tube we think that this will help the rocket go higher.  

Building Rocket #2

Building our second rocket was actually not that hard because we knew how to do it from when we built our first rocket. I think that this time we also did it faster because we had experiences from when we built our first rocket.


ignite presentation reflection

The thing that I did wrong in the ignite was I forgot to say what my favorite  thing was in the unit. I also forgot a few lines in ALL of my slides that is why I got of on the timing at the end. The things that I liked was that I showed a lot of personnel things in not just I liked that and I didn’t  like that I put in more specific things like that was hard an boring. Over all I liked my presentation a lot even if I did miss a few things and in the end the parents didn’t even pause before the slide ended they just clapped so it didn’t even matter if I got of on the timing!

Final Wonder Reflection

The thing I learned about this book is to not judge someone from there looks, but by their personality. I think that this is also a good book not because I learned a lesson, but the text. I think the author told a great story and that I think it was a great learning experience for a lot of people with issues.

In the book they made precepts, mine is: ¨Don’t laugh at laugh with.¨