ignite presentation reflection

The thing that I did wrong in the ignite was I forgot to say what my favorite  thing was in the unit. I also forgot a few lines in ALL of my slides that is why I got of on the timing at the end. The things that I liked was that I showed a lot of personnel things in not just I liked that and I didn’t  like that I put in more specific things like that was hard an boring. Over all I liked my presentation a lot even if I did miss a few things and in the end the parents didn’t even pause before the slide ended they just clapped so it didn’t even matter if I got of on the timing!

Final Wonder Reflection

The thing I learned about this book is to not judge someone from there looks, but by their personality. I think that this is also a good book not because I learned a lesson, but the text. I think the author told a great story and that I think it was a great learning experience for a lot of people with issues.

In the book they made precepts, mine is: ¨Don’t laugh at laugh with.¨

The Other Side

The Other Side

My thesis is that Annie doesn’t care what happens to her she just wants to make a stand against segregation.

Annie doesn’t care what happens to her she just wants to make a stand against segregation. I know this because in the text she was outside on a fence even though it was raining. This shows that she doesn’t care what happens to her and she wants to make a stand against segregation. I think that she is feeling brave.

Annie also doesn’t care what happens to her she just wants to make a stand against segregation because in the text she sat on a fence that separates black people and white people and at that time people couldn’t cross it but she did. This shows that she is making a stand against segregation.

These two paragraphs shows that my thesis I right.



In wish I think that Charlie was wishing that she could have her old life back, but know I think that she likes her life with her new ¨family¨ and that she sorta want´s to stay. So I think now she is wishing about her LIFE.

Teatown Reflection

I liked the sand box because it was cool how it moved and how it flooded. I also liked how you can put your hand over it to make it rain.

I learned that the root from the grass holds the dirt in place so when water goes threw as runoff the water is cleaner then just dirt or leaves and dirt. I also learned that sometimes even if the lake or pond is bigger it can still be deeper.

I think that you should add an activity ware you get a fish from any of the lakes or the pond and put it in water so we can report on the fish. Like we should see haw it moves or we should look at its giles and how the giles work.

Read Aloud – Reflection – #2

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 2nd in a series of post about the book Wonder


In the book wonder we are learning about Precept mine is to not follow, because you can be a leader, you can be anything and be a leader.

I think that Summer is going to be nice to him because she sat with him at lunch and she talked to him but the other kids didn’t they just pointed and stared in a bad whey. He also is felling good that he is going to go to school but when his mom was reading to him he started crying because he thought that his mom didn’t want him to go to school. I also think that Summer’s friends are not liking him because when he was sitting at the table and Summer sat with him her friend came and said to come back but Summer said that there was to much people at the other table so she came here and her friend did not no why she didn’t want to be at her table even after she said why, so her friend just went back to her table. After that Summer said that his name and her name matched because they both had to do with the summer, so they said that they should also have only people that’s names have to do with the summer be able to be at this table, so they started to write them down in Summer’s notebook, this is why Summer is going to be a really good friend.

blog day 2



Our controlled plant is doing perfect. It didn’t turn a weird color or die, it’s green and has yellow flowers with buds in it. The tallest one is  4 ½ inches tall and the smallest one is 2 ½ inches. It also has 4 leaves.




It died! It’s leaves are crumbled up and brown. The steam is lite green. All of them were drooping down. If you held it up it would be 2 ½ inches tall for the tallest one and if you did that for the smallest one it would be 1 inch.


I think this happened to the manipulated one because in garden we plant lettuce, but when we get it it’s already kinda grown and I think that it was like that because it was already growing in a greenhouse in natural light so it would be better. So with our planet likes artificial light better.