Designing and Building Rocket #1


Designing and building our first rocket was really fun because we got to be like engineers and design our rocket to be successful when we launch the rocket. It was also really fun because we where challenged to do our best when designing and building our Rocket, or else our Rocket would not go as high.

The Research  

Researching wasn’t that hard because I found a really good website called It had so much good information about rockets and what they need, like: rockets need to be aerodynamic, they need to have a sharp nose cone and the wings need to be the same size and weight.

The Design 

Designing our first rocket was really fun since we got to do it on a google drawing. The actual design was it had three fins a pointy nose cone and we got to pick a body size, there was a small tube and a big tube. We chose the small tube because we thought that it would force the rocket up more.


Our team was mostly really good at cooperating with each other. The only time we were not so good at cooperating was when we would make two things, but we only needed one thing and we would argue which one was better.

Building Our Rocket

when we built our rocket we made it really close to the design as possible. When we built it we used hot glue for putting the fins on and th nose cone on and we used tape over that to make sure it was completely on. We also put tin foil on the nose cone and on the fins because we thought that it would be smoother.



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