Capstone #5 – Site Visit

I had my site visit at the same place as my interview After I asked him my questions we looked at a bunch of old computers I saw the Macintosh the iMac G4 and we actually turned on a Macintosh LC II then he showed me the old computer and we connected it to the working computer. Hw also had a mouse but that was broken.

Here are some old computers that I saw.

Capstone # – Interview

On 5/15 I had my interview. What I did was in the morning I went to fox meadow and I met with the computer teacher. And we talked about some computers what was so good about them. I learned a lot about the first Macintosh and how it completely upstarted apple. We also talked about how apple started going downhill after they fired Steve Jobs.

We started talking about the first computer which is the apple he said how it worked what it did and the pros and cons. Then after that, we talked about the jump from Apple I to Apple II because apple I was wooden with no monitor that had to be connected to a TV and the Apple II which had a monitor and it can hold a floppy disk. Next, we had a conversation about why the apple III and the apple Lisa didn’t do so well. He answered most of my sub-questions like what is the first apple computer and What computer saved apple business.

These are the questions that I asked him

  1. I know you have/had a few old computers, what do you think is your favorite one and what do you know about them?
  2. Do you teach anything about old computers to your students?
  3. Do you know anything about the mac pro
  4. Can you tell me a bit of stuff about the G3 and why business was so good for it?
  5. What is one of the most special things about the macintosh
  6. Was there a big difference between apple I and Apple II
  7. Can you tell me a bit about the first computer
  8. Do you know anything about apple Lisa or Apple III and why business was so bad for it

When I asked him all of my questions and I was done interviewing him what we did was we went into another room and he showed me three old computers. One of them is the iMac G4. Then We looked at a Macintosh plus from 1984. He also had a Macintosh LC II which actually worked when we turned it on and I got a video of it starting up.

Overall I would say that the interview was a complete success because I learned a lot Old Apple Computers

Capstone #3 Finding an Interveiw

I was struggling to find and interview. I thought I should do the Genius bar but then I thought of my old tech teacher at fox meadow so I contacted him. If he doesn’t answer I will contact my older brothers technology teacher. Luckily finding my site visit was defiantly easier, I will go to the genius bar in the Greenwich apple store.

Capstone #2 – Choosing Main Inquiry Question And Sub-Questions

My Topic was Apple Computers and I was very interested in how they evolved so I thought that my main inquiry question should be how have apple computers evolved over the years.

For My Sub Questions, I researched Apple Computes And I Found the five biggest things That happened in Apple history.

What was the first Apple computer? This was an Obvious Choice because you need to know how Apple started out

What is the main difference between Apple I and Apple II. Apple I was just the start of the business and it was basically a typewriter Apple II is Completly Different

What is Special about the macintosh? It is one of the most famous computers but for what?

How did apple fall. Do you Know that at some point apple was a horrible business and they never really sold any of their computers?

What Computer saved Apple. After Apple fell one computer saved the company.

Capstone Blog Post #1 – Choosing A Topic

When I was in 4th 3rd 2nd and 1st grade I felt like everyone was saying what they were doing for capstone and had no clue what I should do. when It was a week from when we start capstone I started stressing out and considering everything. Then I thought of evolution of iPhones but that was already taken. So I thought of the evolution of apple computers and I thought that was a great idea. I could have gone from The first Apple PC with only a typewriter with no screen. To a new laptop that is super fast and can access the internet and has a touch screen bar above they keyboard.

Image result for apple I

Image result for new apple computer

Immigration We video Project

The immigration Project was challenging but was challenging for multiple reasons one was that I didn’t know anything about Immigration and a had to make a four-minute video from scratch. Another challenge was using We video it was super complicated and iMovie or google slides will definitely be a lot easier. On the other hand, it was very fun because we got to make up a family with our classmates. The photo shoot was also fun because we got to dress up like immigrants. In addition, the feeling of being done was very nice.

Poetry Unit

We had a  poetry unit that we had in our school and I enjoyed it a lot. it was fun to write the first thing that pops into your head and then make it into a rhyme the just like that you got a poem. I also loved Hakius They might be small but they can be very funny and they can prove a point.

Our Big thing In the unit was Our were I’m from Poem It describes memories or moments from your past

This is mine


Where I’m From


I am from mistaking sparkling water for plain water and spitting it out

From Candyland and pillow tosses

A wood house colored white

The house next to school

I am from the fifty watermelon seeds that never sprouted

I am from Dr. Pepper and taco Wednesday

From our neighbors, the Fingers, and other neighbors that I never met

I am from “Stop fidgeting” and “Don’t pull your hair”

And from mostly blueberry waffles

From hiding under the bed

And Passover at the Parkers

I am from Dick and Jane and Dick and Jane

I am from latkes and repulsive lamb meatballs

I am from the camp bus next to the inconvenient pop-up carnival

From lots of generations of living in Michigan

From a golden stuffed dog named Snoopy

Who came to life in the form of our Goldendoodle, Riley


I am from those moments of my life


by Griffin



Sphero classes 2.00/3.00

This time we were going to teach them lesson 2 colors, loop raw motor, and sound and then incorporate it into a triangle. For the first group, everything was slow but in the second group, we did it very fast. We also had to teach them lesson 3 which was making a triangle revolving around itself. for group 1 we had to rush it because we did not have much time because it was slow for the lesson 2. but for group 2 we had more time and we didn’t have to rush it. I thought it was easier the second time around because we were more used to the lesson 2/3.

Sphero Classes #1

Today on March 8th we had our first sphero classes we did for 1 hour. 30 minutes for Mrs. Boyer and 30 minutes for Mrs. Cooper. First, we had Mrs. Cooper, In that group, we had William, Bora, and Zach. We were teaching them how to make an equilateral triangle. We finished early so we started playing around. Then Mrs. Boyers class In that class we had Rush, Eliot, and Skyler, but Skyler switched groups so we got Ronald instead. We taught them the same things and we finished early again. Then we were Done with our first sphero class.