Should Schools Teach Cursive

No it don’t think it is a good idea because when will need to use cursive in life. when you are in school you learn print and to type. Cursive is like another written language and technology is getting more advanced so mostly people are typing. In addition if you wanted us to learn Cursive you should of taught it to us in kindergarten because now we are used to print. That is why I think it is utterly useless to learn cursive.

Animal cloning

When people clone animals sometimes pets some people think it is right some people think it is wrong. In this blog post you will figure out my reason why.

I think it is right on some conditions. If the owners want to clone the animal, The animal is dead and the owners are risking money. I think that because The owners have to agree if they don’t that will brake the law. The animal should be dead because there will be side affects. The owners also have to agree if they want to risk money because it might not work.

Rocketry Presentation

We just finished our rocketry unit in school we launched built graphed and reflected on our rocket at the end we had to present a slideshow that is the end of the whole unit.

On December 5th we did our Rocketry Presentations. At first I was nervous, then I watched all of the groups go and suddenly my tension grew smaller, I became less nervous but I was still shaking. Then it was our turn, Then my tension grew again. When we started it felt completely normal and I was not worrying one bit and it all went very smoothly before I knew it we were done.

Native americans protect land because of pipeline

The nation wants to build a pipe line it might do good but will it be good for the environment.

I think that is is a good idea to build a pipeline for the nation. On one hand it will be great for the economy. In addition it will be safer and faster.

On the other hand it is bad because it will hurt the environment and and it will take away peoples property and that is why people are protesting.

I think that it is a fair deal it is safe and and it is faster even though it is not good for the environment.

Peter in Pax

One of my favorite characters in Pax is Peter. He has a very interesting character traits, he doesn’t want to be like his father. I know that because when he gets mad he try’s to calm himself down unlike his father and he try’s to avoid getting super mad. I know that he is like his father because hi grandfather said “our apples don’t fall far from the tree.” That means everyone in the family is pretty similar. That is why Peter is a very interesting character.