Switching to Middle School

I am feeling very uncertain about switching schools. A reason for that is I just switched to Heathcote this year and I am also switching sleep away camps. However, on the other hand, I also am very excited because I got in Butler and I am with a lot of my friends. For example, I am with Grant, Rick, Matthew, and Braden. In addition, my older brother was in Butler so he can tell me about the teachers and the house. Overall I do have mixed feelings about middle school but I can’t wait.

Capstone #4 – Site Visit

I went to Fox Meadow School and I had my interview and site visit with Peter Mckenna the computer teacher. After I asked him my interview questions we looked at a bunch of old computers. I saw the Original Macintosh, the iMac G4, and a Macintosh LC II.

We started up The Macintosh LC II. It took around two minutes to start up and the sequence was really interesting. First, it turned a light shade of blue and lines were running across it. A second later, it changed to a slightly darker shade of blue. Next, the finder icon appeared and it said “iMac OS” then a loading bar appeared at the bottom and it took about a minute to load. After that, the cursor appeared. Sadly we didn’t have a mouse so it just stayed there. Finally, it was done loading and it was ready to be used.

I thought that that was important because that was the start-up process of a computer from 1998. To start up our newer computers you just turn it on and within a minute you are up and running. I think that it is incredible how computers evolved.

Here are some old computers that I saw.

(Top Left: Working Macintosh LC II) (Top Right: Macintosh)     (Bottom: iMac G3)

Capstone #3B – Interview

On 5/15 I had my interview. What I did was in the morning I went to Fox Meadow and I met with the computer teacher, Peter McKenna, we talked about a few different computers and what made them so good. I learned a lot about the first Macintosh and how it completely upstarted Apple. We also talked about how Apple started going downhill after they fired Steve Jobs.

We started talking about the first computer which is the Apple I, he told me how it worked, what it did, and the pros and cons of it. Then, after that, we talked about the jump from Apple I to Apple II. Apple I was wooden with no monitor that had to be connected to a TV and the Apple II which had a monitor and it can hold a floppy disk. He said Apple I was something they made for to sell but when they made Apple II they had a real business going. Next, we had a conversation about why the Apple III and the Apple Lisa (the fourth computer) didn’t do so well. He answered most of my sub-questions like, what is the first Apple computer and what computer saved Apple’s  business. The last thing we talked about was how Apple did not do so well in the late 90s. He said that Apple had to have a strict boss for it to do well because it didn’t do well without Steve Jobs.

These are the questions that I asked him:

  1. I know you have/had a few old computers, what do you think is your favorite one and what do you know about them?
  2. Do you teach anything about old computers to your students?
  3. Do you know anything about the mac pro?
  4. Can you tell me a bit of stuff about the G3 and why business was so good for it?
  5. What is one of the most special things about the Macintosh?
  6. Was there a big difference between Apple I and Apple II?
  7. Can you tell me a bit about the first computer
  8. Do you know anything about Apple Lisa or Apple III and why business was so bad for it

When I asked him all of my questions and I was done interviewing him, what we did was, we went into another room and he showed me three old computers. One of them is the iMac G4. Then We looked at a Macintosh Plus from 1984. He also had a Macintosh LC II which actually worked when we turned it on and I got a video of it starting up.

Overall I would say that the interview was a complete success because I learned a lot Old Apple Computers


Capstone #3A Finding an Interveiw

I was struggling to find and interview. I thought I should go to the Genius bar at the Apple store. but then I thought that my old tech teacher at Fox Madow would know a lot about the subject. So I contacted him. If he doesn’t answer I will contact my older brothers technology teacher who also knows a  lot about Apple computers. Luckily finding my site visit was defiantly easier, I will go to the genius bar in the Greenwich apple store.

He contacted me back and he said that he would be happy to do it so we are going to do it on April 15th.

Capstone #2 – Choosing Main Inquiry Question And Sub-Questions

My Topic was Apple Computers and I was very interested in how they evolved so I thought that my main inquiry question should be how have apple computers evolved over the years.

For My Sub Questions, I researched Apple Computes And I Found the five biggest things That happened in Apple history.

What was the first Apple computer? This was an Obvious Choice because you need to know how Apple started out

What is the main difference between Apple I and Apple II. Apple I was just the start of the business and it was basically a typewriter Apple II is Completly Different

What is Special about the macintosh? It is one of the most famous computers but for what?

How did apple fall. Do you Know that at some point apple was a horrible business and they never really sold any of their computers?

What Computer saved Apple. After Apple fell one computer saved the company.