Capstone #6 – Working On My Final Project

Now capstone is coming to an end so I had to make my final project. For my final project, I am doing a TED Talk which you talk live in front of a room full of people. Making my final project was surprisingly easy. I made a Google slide and I made a few slides. the first was an introduction slide then the next five were about computers.  each slide had a heading of what the computer is called and a picture of the computer. Then I made my final slide which had a QR code and a heading that said ‘Scan the QR code to go to my blog and to learn more.”

Then I started practicing and I realized I need a bit more slides. So I made a main inquiry question slide which I say my main inquiry question and say a bit about capstone as a whole. I realized I need to say what I am talking about in my presentation briefly so I made crucial events slide.

Then I felt like I was done. I now had nine slides instead of seven. Then it hit me, I need a background I went through around ten shades of blue and none of them seemed right. I was looking at some keynote pictures with Grant when he spotted out why don’t you use the color that Apple uses for their keynotes. I put in the color and it looked perfect. Finally, I was done with working on my final project.

Here is my TED Talk presentation



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