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Poetry Unit

We had a  poetry unit that we had in our school and I enjoyed it a lot. it was fun to write the first thing that pops into your head and then make it into a rhyme the just like that you got a poem. I also loved Hakius They might be small but they can be very funny and they can prove a point.

Our Big thing In the unit was Our were I’m from Poem It describes memories or moments from your past

This is mine


Where I’m From


I am from mistaking sparkling water for plain water and spitting it out

From Candyland and pillow tosses

A wood house colored white

The house next to school

I am from the fifty watermelon seeds that never sprouted

I am from Dr. Pepper and taco Wednesday

From our neighbors, the Fingers, and other neighbors that I never met

I am from “Stop fidgeting” and “Don’t pull your hair”

And from mostly blueberry waffles

From hiding under the bed

And Passover at the Parkers

I am from Dick and Jane and Dick and Jane

I am from latkes and repulsive lamb meatballs

I am from the camp bus next to the inconvenient pop-up carnival

From lots of generations of living in Michigan

From a golden stuffed dog named Snoopy

Who came to life in the form of our Goldendoodle, Riley


I am from those moments of my life


by Griffin