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Rube Goldberg #6

We were on attempts 36 and we tried it with all of our final edits. Attempt 36 did not go so well.  We did it and it went all the way through the first track but when it hit the bamboo the bamboo fell off, so then we had to fix all of that part. For attempt 37 it went well, but not well enough. It got all the way until the final track where it flew off on the turn. We were on attempt 38 when it worked. We watched it go all the way and flip the coin!

Rube Goldberg #5

We were ready to start the testing. First, we rolled the car down the ramp but it didn’t work so Grant suggested that we should push the car instead of rolling it. After that, for the bamboo that has the car attached to it with tape, we started to put the tape on more lightly. After that, we made a few more minor edits to the machine so then we were sure that it will work our next time.

Rube Goldberg #4

When Grant and I met, we wanted to finish everything. First, we had trouble getting the tape super lightly onto the car from the bamboo. Also, we had a lot of trouble getting the track suspended from the wall. The hardest things we had to do was get the supplies. We had to reach five feet high for the bamboo. We found a three-foot garbage can, a 6-inch bin, another six-inch bin, and one one-foot bin.  Then we were almost done. We had to put everything in place and then we were ready to start testing.

Rube Goldburg #3

Grant and I met again.  This time we worked backwards and go up to the golf ball falling on the lever. We had trouble getting all of the materials. When we got all of them, we still had a very hard time getting the golf ball to stay. What we did was we put a small track behind the ball so it won’t roll off. The golf ball also wasn’t hitting the shovel so what we did was we made the shovel wider by taping two planks of wood on either side next to it. Then we were almost done with our Rube Goldberg.

Rube Goldberg #2

Grant and I started to work on our machine. We decided to work on it backwards so we started with the phone on a lever, then we did the box dominos and the ramp. We had a lot of trouble getting the car to hit the box in the right space. If we hit it too low it will fall backward. If we put the ramp too high the car won’t have enough speed to go up the ramp. So, what we did was we elevated the whole entire track until it was high up and it did have enough speed.

Rube Goldberg # 1

Today on 1/7/17 we did our sketch. First, we have a car go down a ramp that is taped to the wall, then it will hit a train which will roll down a track and hit a long stick or piece of bamboo. The stick or bamboo will push a golf ball that is going to fall on a lever with a small cardboard piece attached to it. It will flick up and hit a tennis ball which will roll and hit a small wooden plank. That will push the car which will roll down a track which will hit big dominos. The boxes will it hit a lever which will flip a coin and it will land on heads.