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Immigration We video Project

The immigration Project was challenging but was challenging for multiple reasons one was that I didn’t know anything about Immigration and a had to make a four-minute video from scratch. Another challenge was using We video it was super complicated and iMovie or google slides will definitely be a lot easier. On the other hand, it was very fun because we got to make up a family with our classmates. The photo shoot was also fun because we got to dress up like immigrants. In addition, the feeling of being done was very nice.

Martin Luther King jr.

This is my timeline of MLK jr. MLK -16lorqd

Has the I have have a dream speech been realized yes, yes it has. Now there is no slavery justice and equal right for white and black people.Since now there is no segregation in America I think that his speech has been realized.

In the 1950’s and 1960,s when there were colored bathrooms, water fountains, and schools. Martain was upset and he thought it was unfair. So wanted to put an end to segregation so he started protesting agents people who were pro-segregation and boycotting buses because of the kicked black people of the bus if white people wanted to go on. During some protests, when fireman and police got involved the fireman would spray black people with water from their hose which is wrong. I am very happy Martin Luther King Jr. ended black people having no rights.

People who were black were treating differently. So MLK, jr. was treated differently too. As a child he couldn’t go to some places so he got mad so then he started protesting and he made a speech so then he finally ended segregation An example of people being treated unfairly is, they used to shoot black people instead of putting them in jail. If a white person did the same thing the would be arrested not shot.  MLK jr. put an end to it.

MLK, jr. definitely put an end to Segregation. Sadly he got assassinated in 1968 by James earl Ray. Now everyone has equal rights so his speech has been realized.

Should Schools Teach Cursive

No it don’t think it is a good idea because when will need to use cursive in life. when you are in school you learn print and to type. Cursive is like another written language and technology is getting more advanced so mostly people are typing. In addition if you wanted us to learn Cursive you should of taught it to us in kindergarten because now we are used to print. That is why I think it is utterly useless to learn cursive.

Animal cloning

When people clone animals sometimes pets some people think it is right some people think it is wrong. In this blog post you will figure out my reason why.

I think it is right on some conditions. If the owners want to clone the animal, The animal is dead and the owners are risking money. I think that because The owners have to agree if they don’t that will brake the law. The animal should be dead because there will be side affects. The owners also have to agree if they want to risk money because it might not work.

Native americans protect land because of pipeline

The nation wants to build a pipe line it might do good but will it be good for the environment.

I think that is is a good idea to build a pipeline for the nation. On one hand it will be great for the economy. In addition it will be safer and faster.

On the other hand it is bad because it will hurt the environment and and it will take away peoples property and that is why people are protesting.

I think that it is a fair deal it is safe and and it is faster even though it is not good for the environment.

Philadelphia Trip

Our trip to Philadelphia was very exciting this is what happened.

First we went to the liberty bell, we saw the repair that looked like a crack but it wasn’t. Then we walked out of that building and we went into the executive branch, The president vice president and the cabinet members meet. After we went into the legislative branch meeting room and the were the judicial branch meet. Then we walked the place we came and then we had lunch.

After we walked into a cool building and in the building and saw cool things and learned about a lot about presidents in the past.

That is how our trip to Philadelphia went.

Donald Trump was elected president

Tuesday 11/8/16 Donald Trump was elected the 45th  president.

He is the first president that is a businessman man and who is a newcomer to politics and congress. he won over Hilary Clinton who was secretary of state for 30 years. He promised to get rid of lots of stuff Obama did like Obamacare (etc.).

I wonder how he is going to build a wall bordering mexico and somehow get mexico to pay for it. I also wonder how he won over Hilary Clinton who was trustworthy and he wasn’t.

Also the congress is mostly republican so trump would have an easier way of getting what he wants but Hilary wouldn’t.