Dear Little Miss

Dear Little  Miss

I don’t get along with my brother any ideas?



Dear  #hopingforluck ,

I know how you feel. I have a brother too. What you should do is confront your brother. Tell him that you want to play with him. Then you can invite him to your room or let him play with one of your toys. If that doesn’t work you can slowly get attached to him. For example during a picture you might inch closer to him. It’s really the little things that help.

            From Little Miss   

Author Visit

Courtney Sheinmel

By: Carolyn C, Sydney G, and Ellis G.

Courtney Shimel is the author of many interesting books. The kids books she has written are the Stella Batts series, Zantastic, her new series the Kindness Club, My So Called Family, Sincerely Agnes and Clarabelle, Positively, and last but not leas,t All The Things You Are. The Teens books she’s written are called, Edgewater, and The Survival List, (which is going to be out in 2018). During the author visit she told us  how she came up with her ideas and the process she goes through when writing books. For example she talked about writing 1000 words every day. She might delete some the next day, but at least she got some writing done which could give her an idea and the process of making a new book. She also told us about the post-its of ideas she tapes on her walls. When she goes someplace and something happens that she wants to remember, she jots her idea on a post-it. Or if she thinks of a story about an idea she takes the post-it and starts to write a story. She also talked about her series The Kindness Club. Courtney is an amazing writer and author. You could find more about her on her website, img_3579-1

Halloween Assembly

On a spooky day…

The 5th graders rocked the house with some creepy tunes


img_3554      img_3552

Wow! I can personally tell you this concert was spook-tacular. The 5th grade performed for the whole school on October 31. We sang four haunting songs that are now stuck in everyone’s head. We sang songs and played instruments to the words of a book. The orchestra jazzed along to the snazzy tune, “Ghost in the Living Room”. To start off the concert, the 5th grade snuck out from their hiding places in awesome costumes.

From the point of view of a 5th grader

We worked hard to pull it together. Mrs. Blackhurst worked us 24/7 so the concert would be perfect. We recited poems from books that were  Halloween themed. Our hiding places were rather stuffy, but it was fun. A kid showed up in a Donald Trump costume and Mrs. Blackhurst was pretty angry (no offense to Mrs.BLackhurst). I was Pichu and it rocked. Everyone had creative costumes and we had fun singing and playing instruments). We got to dance around and have fun. It was the best Halloween Concert yet!

By Kolbun G.

The Blackout

It all started on September 19th. The road to the school was packed with cars, caution tapes were hung up along the sidewalks, and traffic cones were lined up on parts of the road. It was a little creepy and students wondered what was going on. Teachers said to come inside and go right to the gym.  

Once inside the gym we saw most of the school crammed up together in the tight space. Every single child that attended Greenacres was sitting down, and looking around in the darkness.

A branch had fallen on one of the electrical cables in front of the school on Huntington Ave. This caused much of the school to be blacked out.Con Ed trucks were out there, trying to fix the problem.The Con Ed had unhooked all the power so they could fix the problem, Greenacres was in the dark. Some kids had been hoping this was an excuse for a day off, but sadly, their wish had not come true. They went back to their classrooms and worked in the dark. Some teachers and students had flashlights, and workers were climbing on and off a big ladder to fix the cables.

Soon, the hall lights were bright again, and most classrooms were lit. Some classrooms still had no power though, like Mrs.Cooper’s fourth grade classroom.

The workers finally stepped down from their ladder and folded it up, a few moments after all the light was restored to the school around 10:30. That was a day to remember.

By Parth R. and Zoe G.