Book Review: Wonder

Wonder is an amazing book, and a favorite to many. From it’s original plot to it’s unbelievable story, Wonder is a very loved book. It is about a disfigured boy who was home schooled his whole life. Then suddenly, his parents send him to a public school, where he is bullied by many because of being disfigured. The boy is named August. He meets friends during his time there, and they stay loyal to him. The book switches to other people’s view of things. First his view, then his sister’s view, his friend’s view, etc. Overall, wonder is a classic and an amazing book.

Read The Great Brain!!! Leo F.

                        The Great Brain

                                          A Book Review

                                                                      by Leo F.
     Do you want to read a book about a boy genius who uses his brain for both good and bad? Then you should read The Great Brain by John Dennis Fitzgerald. The Great Brain is narrated by a boy named John. His brother Tom is a genius. Tom is a fascinating character. He’s not only smart, but he is also funny, clever and devious. Throughout the book Tom performs a number of helpful, and sometimes even heroic acts. He saves the Jenson brothers, who get lost in Skeleton Cave, a vast network of tunnels and caverns that would take an army four months to explore. He helps Basil, a boy from Greece, learn to speak English and avoid getting picked on by a bully named Sammy Leeds. The interesting thing is that Tom doesn’t just do these heroic deeds out of the kindness of his heart; he does them for profit as well. Saving the Jenson boys is the right thing to do, but Tom has another motive too: He makes a deal with the brothers to breed his dog, Brownie, with their dog lady, and he isn’t about to give that up. He also makes a deal with Basil’s dad to teach Basel to fight. The condition is that the day Basil can beat Sammy Leeds in a fight, Basil’s dad will give Tom one whole dollar. In those days, a dollar might not seem like a lot, but in the year 1897, when this story takes place, a kid would be happy to get a penny an hour for loaning his favorite toy. These are just a few of the interesting tricks and services that Tom has up his sleeve, so you’ll have to read the story for yourself if you want to hear more. If you do, and at the end you find yourself at the edge of a real cliffhanger, have no fear! The Great Brain is actually a series of books. The second installment, More   Adventures of The Great Brain picks up right where The Great Brain leaves off, and it will be waiting for you in the Greenacres library. So read away. The Great Brain!!!


There’s a new trend in Greenacres… Blogging!  3rd , 4th and 5th grade have started blogging about numerous things. They’re blogging about favorite TV shows, about books, and some just telling  about themselves. Kids are also blogging about things they’re learning in school such as books they’re reading, science experiments and the phases of the moon. The kids can select different types of themes for their homepage as well.
Let’s hope this new trend stays around, because it seems that everyone loves it!

The Halloween Assembly by Abigail, Rebecca and Edie

The Halloween Assembly

On October 31, 2016 our school, Greenacres, had a Halloween assembly that was performed by the fifth grade. They sang songs and read stories. They also played instruments. In the middle of a song the Greenacres Ghost ran across the gym. The Greenacres Ghost is a person in a ghost costume who comes to the assembly every year and only the fifth grade knows who it is. We think, every year the Greenacres Ghost Is a different person. Every year fifth grade gets to wear their halloween costumes. The Halloween assembly was really fun to watch. Now you can see what it was like.


The Key to Healthy Eating

The Key To Healthy Eating



  • Oatmeal with raisins, blueberries, and banana slices
  • Smoothie with kale, apples, celery, lemon, ginger
  • Quiche Lorraine (Egg and cheese quiche with bacon bits)


  • Chinese chicken salad
  • Roasted vegetables with grilled chicken
  • Brussel Sprout Casserole


  • Kale Chips with Olive oil
  • Cheese and Triscuit crackers
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Olive bread
  • Fruit smoothies


  • Baked Potatoes with sour cream and cheese
  • French Onion Soup
  • Sushi
  • Chickpea Pasta with Broccoli


  • Rice Pudding
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • Plain Frozen Yogurt
  • Apples and Honey or Peanut Butter

By Lola T  and Mili F

DIY- Do It Yourself



Math Notebook DIY

Step 1. Get 10 pieces of loose-sleet paper. (or more to fit your needs)

Step 2. Get 1 folder of any color, and cut it in half.

Step 3. Punch 6 holes on the very left side of the papers and folders.

Step 4. Put the papers inside of the 2 folders

Step 5. Tie the holes with string pieces.

Step 6. Decorate!

Writer’s Notebook DIY

Step 1. Get 10 pieces of loose-sleet paper. (or more to fit your needs)

Step 2. Get 2 pieces of construction paper of any colors.

Step 3. Get one piece of duct tape.

Step 4. Put the papers inside of the construction papers.

Step 5. Wrap the duct tape on the very left side of the papers.

Step 6. Decorate!

Writer’s Notebook Decorating DIY

Step 1. Get 20 small stickers, around 1cm wide and 1cm length.

Step 2. Get 1 notebook

Step 3. Get a letter sticker for each letter of your name.

Step 4. Get duct tape of any color.

Step 5. Cover your notebook with vertical strips of duct tape, front and back.

Step 6. Put the letter stickers in order to form your name about 3cm down from the top.

Step 7. Scatter the little stickers all over the cover.

Step 8 (optional). Add one big sticker on the back of the page.


Plastic Bottle Animal Paper Clip and Penny Holder

Step 1. Get 1 mini bottle and cut off one of the sides. Set open side up.

Step 2. Get 4 bottle caps.

Step 3. Glue bottle caps to the 4 bottom corners of the bottle bottom.

Step 4. Make face out of clay or paper, and tape on front.

Step 5. Ta-Da

By Lola T.

2016’s Reveiw

Hello! This is my review of 2016! I asked around to find out what kids thought of 2016.


Here are a few of the answers I got!

“Horribly fun!”

“Tiring year.”

“Not the best.”

“Awesome year!”

“Good opportunity!”

“Craziness galore!”


The 5th Grade Board of Legislators Trip

The 5th Grade Board of Legislators Trip

By: Parth R.


The fifth grade went on a trip to the Board of Legislators on October 26 and 27. Two classes went a day. We left in the morning at around 9 o’clock. Both buses were there waiting to take half of the 5th grade. The Board Of Legislators was in White Plains so it was not too long before we got there.

Right when we walked inside there was a security guard and there were a bunch of offices. It was so quiet you could hear a mouse. We all squeezed into the elevator and went into a place where the seventeen legislators meet up every once in awhile. We met with the person who was doing our field trip. Her name was Mrs. Ortiz. She first talked a little bit about the districts in Westchester County and the population.

Then we went to the place where they vote and debate on issues. There the 5th grade pretended they were legislators, debated on real issues, and sat in the legislators seats and used the same microphone the legislators use! Some of the issues we debated were the age for smoking, whether restaurants should be required to show the calorie count of their food, and whether Indian Point should be closed down. There was a chairman for each committee. The 5th grade loved debating issues and loved using the same format that the legislators use to debate!

The 5th grade had a great time at the trip. Everyone had so much fun being legislators!       

img_4717 img_4718 img_4715

Join The 5th And 6th Grade Basketball Team! Leo F.

Do you like basketball?  Would you be interested in joining the team?

If so, read on!  I interviewed a current player, Jacob B. imgresWhat can you say about the Fifth Grade Scarsdale Youth Basketball Team?

“All I can say is that we have a bunch of very skilled kids and our coach will improve us in three ways; physically, mentally, and in sportsmanship.”

What is the position that you would like to play the most?

“The positions that I like to play are power forward and small forward.”What is the position that you play?“I play power forward and sometimes small forward, but if you wanted a singular response it would be power forward.”

Who are some of your teammates?

“My team mates are Jack M., Cole G., Spencer R., Ryan G., Leo F., Chase S., Noah G., Jack F., and Rhett N.

 What do you want us to know about the basketball team?

 Please come to our games! We need some support. Anyway, join the Scarsdale basketball team!!!

A One Man Band

Have you ever seen a one man band? Didn’t think so! But don’t worry, this man doesn’t have to play both his instruments at one time! The man in this one man band is named Guy Davis, and all of Scarsdale’s fourth grade went to Scarsdale High School to see him perform through the Lincoln Center Program. Guy Davis plays two instruments: The guitar, and the harmonica. His number one type of music to play is The Blues. Before long, everyone in the auditorium had tuned in to hear Guy Davis play his amazing music. He played four songs, one of which he wrote himself. Every time he finished a song, the crowd would erupt into cheers and applause. After about an hour and a half of hearing his jokes, his music, and his answers to our questions, it was time to get back on the bus. But it wasn’t surprising that everyone left still replaying his music in their mind.


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