The 5th Grade Board of Legislators Trip

The 5th Grade Board of Legislators Trip

By: Parth R.


The fifth grade went on a trip to the Board of Legislators on October 26 and 27. Two classes went a day. We left in the morning at around 9 o’clock. Both buses were there waiting to take half of the 5th grade. The Board Of Legislators was in White Plains so it was not too long before we got there.

Right when we walked inside there was a security guard and there were a bunch of offices. It was so quiet you could hear a mouse. We all squeezed into the elevator and went into a place where the seventeen legislators meet up every once in awhile. We met with the person who was doing our field trip. Her name was Mrs. Ortiz. She first talked a little bit about the districts in Westchester County and the population.

Then we went to the place where they vote and debate on issues. There the 5th grade pretended they were legislators, debated on real issues, and sat in the legislators seats and used the same microphone the legislators use! Some of the issues we debated were the age for smoking, whether restaurants should be required to show the calorie count of their food, and whether Indian Point should be closed down. There was a chairman for each committee. The 5th grade loved debating issues and loved using the same format that the legislators use to debate!

The 5th grade had a great time at the trip. Everyone had so much fun being legislators!       

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