Need a book? Here are some books that we love!

Stuck without a good book? Here at the Greenacres groove, we have a few suggestions!

  1. Harry Potter, (a classic.)
  2. Home of the Brave, (if you like a bit more of a realistic book)
  3. The Thing about Jellyfish, (pretty sad, but  an amazing book!)
  4. The Land of Stories, (a great fantasy book.)
  5. The Giver (A nice interesting futuristic book.)
  6. Keeper of the Lost cities, (a great fantasy book that will keep you reading.)
  7. Amulet, (A great graphic novel!)
  8. Wonder, (Realistic, and very powerful.)
  9. The Mysterious Benedict Society, (A mystery book!)
  10. A Series of Unfortunate Events, (as the title suggests.)

I hope this can help find you a good book that you can’t put down. Happy Reading!

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