Goodbye, Greenacres!

Greenacres, I will miss you! As everyone knows, this is the end of the year. That means all fifth graders are ready to move on to SMS. There’ll be a moving up ceremony on 6/14/2018, and a fifth grade party the week after. I know that everyone in fifth grade will miss GA, but is excited to move on as well. I just hope that some fourth graders will still hold up the media club. I hope that I can visit GA whenever I have time. GA has been almost like a second home to me for all of the six years I’ve been here. I hope that in 60 years media club will still be going on.




Chronicle Chris And Little Miss!

I am little Miss. Since Chris isn’t here to answer your questions, I will do my best to answer, because I am working with Chronicle Chris to answer questions. The first one is this:

“Dear Chronicle Chris, My bestie and I have been in a fight for a week now? She won’t talk to me, what do I do? – Sad”

Dear Sad,

I think you should try talking to your friend. If she still ignores you, try talking to Dr. Smajlaj. She could try helping you and your friend. If that doesn’t work, try making other friends. Your friend is clearly pushing you away. If she doesn’t want to talk to you, she is not going to open up if you try to make her.

School Current Events!

Do you know what’s going on in your school? Well I’m going to tell you anyway!

One important issue is the State Test drawing near for grades 3-5! The State Test worries us all, but teacher Ms. Lian tells her class while prepping for the infamous 2-text question that, “The State Test is nothing to worry about,” because she pushes us harder than that test ever will every day. Ms. Lian is a great teacher for pushing us so hard every single day! Thank You Ms. Lian!

Another current event coming up is the high school carnival!! It’s a really fun event to go to with  your friends and/or family! There isn’t much to say about it; it’s pretty self explanatory.

The last thing is the concert. I refuse to give that much information but, I will give one word : Green.

Eye crafts

Eye crafts are a new really fun art project! It’s a simple, easy, fun, and is very quick. 

What you’ll need:

  • yarn
  • 2 sticks (Popsicle sticks are more easy to use)

here are the instructions from PBS:

Knot the end of the yarn to the sticks, close to the intersection of the sticks. Wrap the yarn around the stick then follow onto the next stick, wrapping it around and continuing on around the cross until the yarn reaches the end and then tie it off. Continue knotting on weaving threads until the sticks are full.


Slime is the newest trend, but parents are rebelling against this ‘slime’ for two reasons. One, it’s messy. Being messy  doesn’t work to slime’s advantage. Tt has stuck to hair, rugs, and clothing and then parents get angry and ban slime from their houses. Big fat reason two, BORAX.  Parents say it’s toxic, but kids disagree, and say slime is fine, and Borax isn’t toxic at all. I don’t know who to side with, but if Borax is a laundry product, it can’t be that bad.

4th and 5th Grade Chorus Concert by Abby S.

It was a lot of work, but we’re almost done! On Thursday, Feb 9 the chorus concert will  take place in the morning for the school and for the parents in the evening. If there is a snow day we will have to change the date as snow is in the forecast.  We’ve been working hard to learn all the songs. We will be singing songs together, and one grade at a time.  We will be singing songs  like “A-zing A-za” and “Old Carion  Crow”. I hope you come to watch!

2016’s Reveiw

Hello! This is my review of 2016! I asked around to find out what kids thought of 2016.


Here are a few of the answers I got!

“Horribly fun!”

“Tiring year.”

“Not the best.”

“Awesome year!”

“Good opportunity!”

“Craziness galore!”


The Amulet Book Series

Hello! Do you like fantasy, adventure, and redheads? If you answered yes, then Amulet is the book series for you! It’s about a girl named Emily, who becomes a stonekeeper, someone with a magical stone. Along the way, she meets an Elf named Trelis and Vigo, other stonekeepers. This series will make you laugh, cry,  and want more! You will love it!