Author Visit

Courtney Sheinmel

By: Carolyn C, Sydney G, and Ellis G.

Courtney Shimel is the author of many interesting books. The kids books she has written are the Stella Batts series, Zantastic, her new series the Kindness Club, My So Called Family, Sincerely Agnes and Clarabelle, Positively, and last but not leas,t All The Things You Are. The Teens books she’s written are called, Edgewater, and The Survival List, (which is going to be out in 2018). During the author visit she told us  how she came up with her ideas and the process she goes through when writing books. For example she talked about writing 1000 words every day. She might delete some the next day, but at least she got some writing done which could give her an idea and the process of making a new book. She also told us about the post-its of ideas she tapes on her walls. When she goes someplace and something happens that she wants to remember, she jots her idea on a post-it. Or if she thinks of a story about an idea she takes the post-it and starts to write a story. She also talked about her series The Kindness Club. Courtney is an amazing writer and author. You could find more about her on her website, img_3579-1