Chronicle Chris Reporting For Duty!

Hi there!

I’m Chronicle Chris, the guy you can ask about your problems.

To start it off we have this question: “What do I do when I have friends at 2 tables and I want to sit at both?”

Well I hold the answer. One solution is to get your friends together and have both of them join you at one table. Another thing you can try is asking your friends if you can work a schedule between you and them. For example on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and  you can sit with one friend, and on Tuesday,  and Thursday. The next week you can switch the schedule around.

Keep Writing, Chronicle Chris

How to make slime!

Kids all around the globe are making slime, but there are still people who don’t know how to make it. Here in this article I am going to teach you how to make fluffy slime without borax! You can also add beads or styrofoam to give it some crunch!


Here’s what you’ll need to make fluffy slime:

A mixing bowl

A stirring tool

Contact solution

Shaving cream or gel

Glue (depending on how much slime you want)

(optional) Beads or Styrofoam


Instructions :

To start off pour your glue into your bowl. Then you’re going to add 4 squirts of shaving cream. Then mix it together. Add  contact solution until it’s not sticking to your mixing tool. Mix it all together. Start kneading it with your hands and playing with it and if it’s still sticky then add more contact solution. Keep on playing with it until it’s not sticking to you. Ta-da! Your slime is all ready to play, squish, or squeeze!

Girls’ Travel Basketball!

Girls Travel Basketball
By: Jackie K. and Juliana C.

During the winter Greenacres has always had Rec basketball games and practices. We have always had Rec basketball but why not travel people wondered. This question was not answered until this winter when a mother with a kid in fourth grade decided to make a travel team this year. Greenacres has formed a fourth grade travel basketball team. We are practicing hard and trying our best. So far we have played lots of games but have lost all of them, but we are still working hard. We have sports games at House Of Sports. There are about 14 girls on our team. There are five teams we can play. Our team will keep trying and keep on having a great time at our basketball games!