Multi Cultural lunch

Multi Cultural lunch

By Julia F. and Olivia R.


The Multicultural Luncheon is a lunch where people from different places around the world whose children go to Greenacres cook the food of their origin to serve to the for kids lunch. The kids get to to try different things from different countries which gives them a taste of each country. Just recently it has turned into a zero waste event for the school’s new composting program! They use compostable paper trays and compostable cutlery to enjoy the delicious food that the Greenacres moms prepared for us! Thanks to everyone who made or served a dish!

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Funny Jokes!

by Lauren and Julia

  • What did the nail polish say when she did something good?

         Nailed it!

  • What’s a cat’s favorite button on the remote?

The paws button!

  • What’s a dog’s favorite boxer?

The ruffest one!

Why did the thermometer go to college?

    Because it needed degrees!    

  • What do you call a chicken that wakes you up in the morning?

     An alarm cluck!


By Julia and Lauren