Halloween Assembly

On a spooky day…

The 5th graders rocked the house with some creepy tunes


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Wow! I can personally tell you this concert was spook-tacular. The 5th grade performed for the whole school on October 31. We sang four haunting songs that are now stuck in everyone’s head. We sang songs and played instruments to the words of a book. The orchestra jazzed along to the snazzy tune, “Ghost in the Living Room”. To start off the concert, the 5th grade snuck out from their hiding places in awesome costumes.

From the point of view of a 5th grader

We worked hard to pull it together. Mrs. Blackhurst worked us 24/7 so the concert would be perfect. We recited poems from books that were  Halloween themed. Our hiding places were rather stuffy, but it was fun. A kid showed up in a Donald Trump costume and Mrs. Blackhurst was pretty angry (no offense to Mrs.BLackhurst). I was Pichu and it rocked. Everyone had creative costumes and we had fun singing and playing instruments). We got to dance around and have fun. It was the best Halloween Concert yet!

By Kolbun G.