Mrs. Rosenstadt Interview

Q: How long have you been working at Greenacres?

A: I have been working at GA for three years. My first year I was an aide, my second year I was the substitute art teacher, and this year…my third year, I became the real art teacher

Q:What inspired you to work at Greenacres?

A: Before I had my kids I taught in the city. Then I moved to Quaker Ridge and then a spot opened up at Greenacres. I only have a ten minute commute…

Q:Have you ever been an art teacher anywhere else?

A: Yes, at The Dalton School in NYC.

Q:Is it a lot of work to be an art teacher?

A:Yes it is a lot of work. You have to display work on bulletin boards and write down descriptions of the kids art, create new and exciting projects that relate to the curriculum and famous artists..
Q:Did you ever have another job besides being an art teacher?
A:Before I was an art teacher I was an interior designer in World Trade Center

Q:Do you like working at Greenacres?

A: Yes, I love my job so much because I love working with elementary students and I enjoy watching them get excited about making art.  It’s fun teaching them something new that they may not have  thought they could do.

Q:How did you start doing art?
A: I started to doing art in elementary school and I kept on doing through college. I have always loved it.

Q:What do you like about kids?

A: I like to see their individual uniqueness.  

Q: What do you like to do besides being an art teacher?
A: I love to travel with my family, go hiking, play with my dog Roscoe, cook, and go to restaurants.

Q: When you were an interior designer at the World Trade Center how long did you work there?
A: It took me three years to decide because I love being with kids

Q:What is challenging about being an art teacher?

A: Sometimes at the end of the day kids can be distracted because they are excited to go home. And because there’s a lot of cleaning up to do.

Ms. Krisanda Interview

Q: How long have you been working at Greenacres?

A: I’ve been teaching at Greenacres for 31 years.

Q: What inspired you to work at Greenacres?

A: I was working in the city. It was nothing special. One of my friends told me to teach because I was so interested in teaching kids. It was a great idea. I am so grateful for her suggestion.

Q: Have you ever tutored?

Yes I tutored for a little. Then I had a child and I needed to be with her so I stopped tutoring.

Q: Have you ever taught somewhere other than Greenacres?

A: Yes, I did some student teaching in the city. Then I worked at Hackley school. It is a private school in Tarrytown. I taught kindergarten.

Q: Have you ever taught another grade?

Yes I taught first grade.

Q How many years have you been teaching over all?

A I’ve been teacher for about 32 years.

Q Is teaching here a lot of work?

A Yes it is a lot of work to teach, but I enjoy it because the kids that I teach are learning.

Q What do you like to do in your free time?


A I love to go to New York City and go to art museums and read books! I also love to bike. I bike over bridges in the city.

The Halloween Assembly by Abigail, Rebecca and Edie

The Halloween Assembly

On October 31, 2016 our school, Greenacres, had a Halloween assembly that was performed by the fifth grade. They sang songs and read stories. They also played instruments. In the middle of a song the Greenacres Ghost ran across the gym. The Greenacres Ghost is a person in a ghost costume who comes to the assembly every year and only the fifth grade knows who it is. We think, every year the Greenacres Ghost Is a different person. Every year fifth grade gets to wear their halloween costumes. The Halloween assembly was really fun to watch. Now you can see what it was like.