Super Cheesy Jokes

Here are some SUPER cheesy jokes:


  • What the strongest days?

Saturday and Sunday. All the others are weak days.

  • What is the noisiest sport?

Tennis. The players are always raising a racket.

  • Why did Bob name his dog Tick-Tock?

Because his dog was a watch dog.

  • What is the longest word?

Smiles. There is a mile between the two s’s.

  • Why can’t a person’s hands be longer than 11 inches?

Because they would be a foot.


One man’s backpack is open and he’s alive. Another man’s backpack is closed and he’s dead. What is in the closed man’s backpack?


A parachute


A man lives on the 19th floor. When he goes up in the elevator he only goes to level 10 and walks the rest of the way but when he goes down he can take the elevator all the way down. Why?


He’s too small to reach the 19th floor button.


A man lived in a circle house. His wife died and there were three suspects. They were the butler, the cook and the maid. The butler was greeting the guests, the cook was cooking and the maid was cleaning the corners.  Who was lying? Who did it?


The maid (How can a maid clean the corners in a round house?)




Funny Jokes!

by Lauren and Julia

  • What did the nail polish say when she did something good?

         Nailed it!

  • What’s a cat’s favorite button on the remote?

The paws button!

  • What’s a dog’s favorite boxer?

The ruffest one!

Why did the thermometer go to college?

    Because it needed degrees!    

  • What do you call a chicken that wakes you up in the morning?

     An alarm cluck!


By Julia and Lauren