Little Miss

Dear Little Miss,

My fight with my bestie is getting worse!! What do I do!!!

-Helpless Lady

Dear Helpless Lady,

What you need to do is talk with your friend. Maybe it was just a silly rumor. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Well, my best advice is to go to the psychologist because she helps friends get over fights. Or talk to your teacher.


Little Miss

All About Little Miss…

HI!! My name is Little Miss. I answer all of your personal questions. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone and I won’t even know it’s you! Instead of writing your name on the bottom you can make up a name like, Bored Brother or Scared Silly. Or you don’t have to write your name at all! Try not to write silly questions or insults. It does give me a good laugh though. You can write a question by the Little Miss sign by the PTA board near the kindergarten entrance.


Have a Happy Holiday and keep writing!!

Little Miss

Dear Little Miss

Dear Little  Miss

I don’t get along with my brother any ideas?



Dear  #hopingforluck ,

I know how you feel. I have a brother too. What you should do is confront your brother. Tell him that you want to play with him. Then you can invite him to your room or let him play with one of your toys. If that doesn’t work you can slowly get attached to him. For example during a picture you might inch closer to him. It’s really the little things that help.

            From Little Miss