Need a book? Here are some books that we love!

Stuck without a good book? Here at the Greenacres groove, we have a few suggestions!

  1. Harry Potter, (a classic.)
  2. Home of the Brave, (if you like a bit more of a realistic book)
  3. The Thing about Jellyfish, (pretty sad, but  an amazing book!)
  4. The Land of Stories, (a great fantasy book.)
  5. The Giver (A nice interesting futuristic book.)
  6. Keeper of the Lost cities, (a great fantasy book that will keep you reading.)
  7. Amulet, (A great graphic novel!)
  8. Wonder, (Realistic, and very powerful.)
  9. The Mysterious Benedict Society, (A mystery book!)
  10. A Series of Unfortunate Events, (as the title suggests.)

I hope this can help find you a good book that you can’t put down. Happy Reading!

Read The Great Brain!!! Leo F.

                        The Great Brain

                                          A Book Review

                                                                      by Leo F.
     Do you want to read a book about a boy genius who uses his brain for both good and bad? Then you should read The Great Brain by John Dennis Fitzgerald. The Great Brain is narrated by a boy named John. His brother Tom is a genius. Tom is a fascinating character. He’s not only smart, but he is also funny, clever and devious. Throughout the book Tom performs a number of helpful, and sometimes even heroic acts. He saves the Jenson brothers, who get lost in Skeleton Cave, a vast network of tunnels and caverns that would take an army four months to explore. He helps Basil, a boy from Greece, learn to speak English and avoid getting picked on by a bully named Sammy Leeds. The interesting thing is that Tom doesn’t just do these heroic deeds out of the kindness of his heart; he does them for profit as well. Saving the Jenson boys is the right thing to do, but Tom has another motive too: He makes a deal with the brothers to breed his dog, Brownie, with their dog lady, and he isn’t about to give that up. He also makes a deal with Basil’s dad to teach Basel to fight. The condition is that the day Basil can beat Sammy Leeds in a fight, Basil’s dad will give Tom one whole dollar. In those days, a dollar might not seem like a lot, but in the year 1897, when this story takes place, a kid would be happy to get a penny an hour for loaning his favorite toy. These are just a few of the interesting tricks and services that Tom has up his sleeve, so you’ll have to read the story for yourself if you want to hear more. If you do, and at the end you find yourself at the edge of a real cliffhanger, have no fear! The Great Brain is actually a series of books. The second installment, More   Adventures of The Great Brain picks up right where The Great Brain leaves off, and it will be waiting for you in the Greenacres library. So read away. The Great Brain!!!

Hit Songs

Top five Hit Songs!


We’re voting on Hit Songs! Our top five hit songs are:

#1: Juju On That Beat

#2: Closer by the Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey

#3: Hamilton Soundtrack

#4: Broccoli (clean version)

 #5: Hymn for the Weekend                                            

By Lucy S., Addie L., and Lily G..

The Amulet Book Series

Hello! Do you like fantasy, adventure, and redheads? If you answered yes, then Amulet is the book series for you! It’s about a girl named Emily, who becomes a stonekeeper, someone with a magical stone. Along the way, she meets an Elf named Trelis and Vigo, other stonekeepers. This series will make you laugh, cry,  and want more! You will love it!


GHOSTS! by Addie and Lucy


The book we’re reviewing is Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier.  From the writer of Drama, comes Ghosts. This book is about a girl named Catrina and her sister Maya. They move to another state, where it’s dark and misty. They say it’s full of ghosts. Is it? You’ll have to read it to find out.  

Seriously, read this book!. Now here’s some stuff about the book. In the dark, dark woods their friend takes them to see ghosts! The next day they go to the ghost museum where you talk to ghosts. There’s this special drink that’s like Fanta. The Fanta drink makes ghosts come and talk to you.

The kind of people that would like this book are people who like fiction, graphic novels, and funny, scary books.

This was written by Addie:)!!! and Lucy:)!!!!!!!

Frankie & Fanucci’s


By: Kayla J. and Jackie K.

Hi! We’re Kayla and Jackie. If you are looking for a great pizza place then you should go to Frankie & Fanucci’s,

The pizza is delicious! It is so good. There is just enough cheese and just enough sauce. It’s perfect! The pasta is also really good. I love the meatballs. Frankie & Fanucci’s has a kids meal menu, so it is perfect for little kids. The kids’ menu has burgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, pasta without cheese, pasta with meat sauce, and lots more. The lemonade is super good. Even parents like the lemonade and parents are really picky. The lemonade is not too sweet, but not too plain.

For me the penne vodka is the best meal they have there. You can get it for kids meal or just a grown up meal! The caesar salad is the best salad there, they have a really good dressing. The salad is not warm, it is perfect. You can also get take-out. They always have the food ready and there is great service.

Frankie & Fanucci’s is a great place to eat and is great for children. They make the food really neat looking. You don’t even have to make a reservation.  We would recommend that if you have a big group, then you should make a reservation!

So come to Frankie & Fanucci’s and enjoy your dinner!

Call them at:

Hartsdale (914) 725-8400

Mamaroneck (914) 630-4360