Goodbye, Greenacres!

Greenacres, I will miss you! As everyone knows, this is the end of the year. That means all fifth graders are ready to move on to SMS. There’ll be a moving up ceremony on 6/14/2018, and a fifth grade party the week after. I know that everyone in fifth grade will miss GA, but is excited to move on as well. I just hope that some fourth graders will still hold up the media club. I hope that I can visit GA whenever I have time. GA has been almost like a second home to me for all of the six years I’ve been here. I hope that in 60 years media club will still be going on.




The State Tests

Yay! There are no more state tests for the rest of the year.

Fifth graders will never take an elementary state test again!

The third, fourth and fifth graders across the state have been taking state tests. Back in April, they took the ELA test for two days and in May they took the math test that was also two days. The fourth grade still has two days of science coming but the third and fifth grades are done, for the year at least.

Zany Olympics!

Zany Olympics

Every year the fifth graders have a little team competition. It’s called the Zany Olympics. The Zany Olympics is little team competitions and our grade groups up into teams. The PTA runs it. It was supposed to be Wednesday, March 21, 2018, but, a winter storm hit. So, it was postponed to this Wednesday, March, 28.   The storm even canceled school! And then we had no school on Thursday because of teacher conferences. Thanks for reading this little pop up!

The Signature Project

The Signature Project

By: Jackie K.
On May 11 Greenacres had an amazing visitor named Patrick Dunning. He came to our school and talked about a project that he’s doing called the Signature Project.  He has been working on the Signature Project for 25 years and he thinks that it will take 10 more years to finish.  The Signature Project is 171 squares that are going to be covered with signatures from all around the world with all types of people signing it. Over a million people have signed their name in the project already. There is a picture that he designed and that is the picture that all the signatures are going to make. The signature project is based on life said Patrick Dunning.  On top of some signatures is something you would never realize. There is a giant hand that comes up if you flash a blacklight over it. There is also an  image of Patrick Dunning when you flash an infrared light. The Signature Project is awesome and it was so nice for Patrick Dunning to come to our school to share what he is doing. Let’s give him a round of applause.

Here is his website that tells you more about the Signature Project.

Image result for about the Signature Project

Multi Cultural lunch

Multi Cultural lunch

By Julia F. and Olivia R.


The Multicultural Luncheon is a lunch where people from different places around the world whose children go to Greenacres cook the food of their origin to serve to the for kids lunch. The kids get to to try different things from different countries which gives them a taste of each country. Just recently it has turned into a zero waste event for the school’s new composting program! They use compostable paper trays and compostable cutlery to enjoy the delicious food that the Greenacres moms prepared for us! Thanks to everyone who made or served a dish!

Click on this link:

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Kids in Scarsdale and all over the world have developed a love for slime. Some of the 5th grade classes use slime in many ways such as focus tools, stress balls, and many more. Some people like stress balls because you don’t get sticky. The slime is put into a balloon and funneled inside. Then the balloon is tied and you have a stress ball.

To make slime you need glue, borax, and water. You mix them altogether and you have slime. Making slime is so popular that glue has been very scarce in Scarsdale! Rite Aid is out. Some kids say that they have to go to other towns or online shopping for glue. There have been many “slime companies” around Scarsdale, such as Slime.CO, Scarsdale Slime Guys, Squish and Slime, etc. So if your kid is looking for a new hobby. Buy him a gallon of glue, borax and let the fun begin!

4th and 5th Grade Chorus Concert by Abby S.

It was a lot of work, but we’re almost done! On Thursday, Feb 9 the chorus concert will  take place in the morning for the school and for the parents in the evening. If there is a snow day we will have to change the date as snow is in the forecast.  We’ve been working hard to learn all the songs. We will be singing songs together, and one grade at a time.  We will be singing songs  like “A-zing A-za” and “Old Carion  Crow”. I hope you come to watch!

The Book Of The Month

What will it be this month? This is the question that always goes around! Everyone is wondering what the next Book of the Month will be.

This month it is “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. Every month there is a new book that every class at Greenacres reads.  It usually teaches a life lesson.  What do you think it will be in February?


There’s a new trend in Greenacres… Blogging!  3rd , 4th and 5th grade have started blogging about numerous things. They’re blogging about favorite TV shows, about books, and some just telling  about themselves. Kids are also blogging about things they’re learning in school such as books they’re reading, science experiments and the phases of the moon. The kids can select different types of themes for their homepage as well.
Let’s hope this new trend stays around, because it seems that everyone loves it!

The Halloween Assembly by Abigail, Rebecca and Edie

The Halloween Assembly

On October 31, 2016 our school, Greenacres, had a Halloween assembly that was performed by the fifth grade. They sang songs and read stories. They also played instruments. In the middle of a song the Greenacres Ghost ran across the gym. The Greenacres Ghost is a person in a ghost costume who comes to the assembly every year and only the fifth grade knows who it is. We think, every year the Greenacres Ghost Is a different person. Every year fifth grade gets to wear their halloween costumes. The Halloween assembly was really fun to watch. Now you can see what it was like.


A One Man Band

Have you ever seen a one man band? Didn’t think so! But don’t worry, this man doesn’t have to play both his instruments at one time! The man in this one man band is named Guy Davis, and all of Scarsdale’s fourth grade went to Scarsdale High School to see him perform through the Lincoln Center Program. Guy Davis plays two instruments: The guitar, and the harmonica. His number one type of music to play is The Blues. Before long, everyone in the auditorium had tuned in to hear Guy Davis play his amazing music. He played four songs, one of which he wrote himself. Every time he finished a song, the crowd would erupt into cheers and applause. After about an hour and a half of hearing his jokes, his music, and his answers to our questions, it was time to get back on the bus. But it wasn’t surprising that everyone left still replaying his music in their mind.


PS. 1 Visit

Q. What age children did you meet?


A. They were 5th grade and Pre-K students.


Q. What was the most exciting part?


A. The most exciting part was seeing all the presents piled up in the room.


Q. How long was the car ride?


A. The car ride was about an hour and five minutes.


Q. How long were you there?


A. We were there for about an hour and a half.


The visit to PS. 1 was very exciting.  It made me feel so happy to make someone else feel happy.  I think it was a great experience and I learned a lot about other kids and not to be greedy about getting things because other people don’t have as much as we do.


By Dani B., Ayesha B. and Anna M.

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