March Madness Final Four

Final Four

As you may know, there has been a college basketball tournament going on called March Madness. It has come down to four teams, Michigan, Loyola, Kansas and Villanova. Teams have been eliminated along the way. The tournament starts with 68 teams! It’s amazing to think it has narrowed down to 4 teams! Michigan is playing Loyola, and Kansas is playing Villanova. Many crazy fans have attended several games. People create brackets for the tournament and it gets emotional. After many games, players end up crying, and the other team ends up jumping on top of each other. People in the crowd watching and get into arguments about the game. For example, people in the stands tend to like opposing teams, so they get into yelling fights saying stuff like, “You’re team is horrible!” Or insults about what the person is wearing for the team like, “Your jacket is ugly!” There is also stuff they say that I won’t repeat. Thank you for reading! Comment who you’re rooting for!

picture of last year win! University of North Carolina celebration.

Girls’ Travel Basketball!

Girls Travel Basketball
By: Jackie K. and Juliana C.

During the winter Greenacres has always had Rec basketball games and practices. We have always had Rec basketball but why not travel people wondered. This question was not answered until this winter when a mother with a kid in fourth grade decided to make a travel team this year. Greenacres has formed a fourth grade travel basketball team. We are practicing hard and trying our best. So far we have played lots of games but have lost all of them, but we are still working hard. We have sports games at House Of Sports. There are about 14 girls on our team. There are five teams we can play. Our team will keep trying and keep on having a great time at our basketball games!