In the book, “Stargirl” I think she struggles with fitting in. One example of this is, at school, at lunch, Stargirl plays her ukulele. Another detail that shows this is, on the first day of school Stargirl wore what looked like a wedding dress. Even though everyone stares at her Stargirl doesn’t care, she keeps on doing her thing. Hillary doesn’t really like Stargirl because she is getting all the power, but normally everyone gives all the power to Hillary. One thing I think is really surprising is that Stargirl knows everyones birthday, and she just was new to school this year. I think something strange is going on. I was also really surprised because Stargirl wanted to be on the cheer squad. For the first few times Stargirl didn’t where her uniform she wore things like shirts, dresses, etc. Until one day she wore the uniform. I was so surprised, she actually fit in. I think this is good and bad. I think it is good because she is actually fit in. I think this is bad because then she won’t be popular anymore and Hillary will take her place, she also won’t stand out or have any attention. I love the book, “Stargirl!!!!” If you didn’t read it I totally recommend it!!!!!

I Survived The Joplin Tornado, 2011 – Homework Jot

I really like the book, “I Survived The Joplin Tornado” by, Lauren Tarshis. The I Survived series is one of my favorite series. One example of why I like them is because, it tells an interesting story about someone who experienced a real natural disaster and what it feels like. I especially like this book because I always wanted to know what it feels like in a tornado. Tornados can be very unexpected. At the beginning of the book when Dex is riding his bike home from school, he isn’t paying attention because he is thinking about his brother and where he is  because he works for the military. All of a sudden a car is about to crash into him because he ignored the stop sign, although his dog pushed him out  of the way to the end of the road. The dog saved Dex! Imagine if Dex didn’t have a dog? Then, the driver comes to ask if Dex is ok. The driver turns out to be the weather chaser, that Dex, his dad, and  mom watch his show often,  and are a huge fan, and Dex’s dad went to college with him. Then, Mr. Gage (the weather chaser) asks Dex if he would like to go out tomorrow and look for tornados? When Dex arrives at home, his parents allow him to go tornado chasing with Dr. Gage.  Why aren’t Dex and Dr. Gage making a big deal about a huge monster tornado heading their way? If I were Dr. Gage I wouldn’t be a weather chaser. He almost got killed. I Survived The Joplin Tornado, 2011 is a great book. I recommend it for sure.

The War With Grandpa – Writing Long And Strong

At first, at the beginning of the book I thought the war was never going to end. Also at the beginning of the book Grandpa was a little rude and mean after all the things he has done, slap Peter, didn’t feel bad for taking Peter’s room, pranked Peter and made him late for school, didn’t care he took Peter’s room, taught him a lesson etc. I think he was a little mean and strict at the beginning of the story because he didn’t want to go to war with Peter and probably thought it was silly. The war continued over the middle of the book. At the end of the book, they ended the war. Grandpa was so nice and generous he even offered to let Peter have his room back and move to the basement. This surprises me and shoes that Grandpa’s feelings cam change quickly through out the story. I’m happy Peter and  his grandpa got along, ended the war, and a happy ending happened.

Book Clubs : The War With Grandpa – Jot 1

In the book, “The War With Grandpa,” at first Peter is really thrilled and excited for his grandpa to come live with him because grandma died and he is lonely and upset in Florida (where he lives) I wonder where Peter and his family live? Probably not too near Florida because in the text it said, grandpa has to got on a plane to get to Peter’s house. After Jenny, (Peter’s younger sister) told Peter that he will have to sleep in the guest room, and grandpa will live in Peter’s room, Peter got really upset. This shows that Peter’s feelings can change quick over one really little thing. Peter is not really a good sport/flexible, and not understanding. Or it’s that Peter’s room is very special to him and his parents don’t really care. Well, now I think Peter’s parents do understand, but they can’t put grandpa in the guest room because grandpa’s leg is injured, and it’s going to be hard for grandpa to walk to the third floor, the guest room. Peter even cried because he didn’t want to sleep in the guest room. I feel a little bad for Peter because why does he have to move?