Blowing Up Jot

In the book, “Eight Keys,” I understand why the book is a mystery, because before you unlock a key it feels so mysterious (what the author made me feel) and that you are so tempted to look and see what is behind each door. I feel really bad for Elise because her parents (both of them) had passed away. I also feel bad for her because she feels bad for herself for things that are not really her fault, and she has a lot going on and is not yet capable of doing them. I’m so excited to find out what is in the next room! I’m happy for Elise because she found something to remember her mother and go back to. I predict that the next room is going to have things about her dad. The first thing I noticed before I started reading the chapter was that the page that said, “Part 2” only had seven keys on it, which reveals before reading the chapter that Elise unlocked or is going to unlock the first key. I think what Aunt Bessie did with the key was a very generous thing that Elise can treasure. I wonder if they are going to put all the keys on that necklace or make a different one for each key?


Hi Everyone,

Did you guys know I love ocelots! Though, they are not my favorite animal. Dolphins are. Anyway, my best friend, Jessica hates them, I think they are soo cute!!! Do you guys like them? Anyway, I would like to show you guys a video and a picture about an ocelots, that is so cute! This video shows about an ocelot (baby) being taken care of.


Hi Everyone,

I am a very busy person and do a lot of activities! Do you guys like or do any activities?  Which ones are your favorite?

All these activities I do are just fun things I do either in my spare time or go to it after school. Down below are most of the activities I do :

  1. Singing
  2. Dancing
  3. Acting
  4. Soccer
  5. Basketball
  6. Gymnastics
  7. Art
  8. Making things
  9. Going to places
  10. Going to Hollywood
  11. Going on vacation
  12. Going to the beach
  13. Reading
  14. Writing
  15. Math
  16. Religion
  17. Watching movies, and many more

Movie List

Hi Guys,

I wanted you guys to know, I love movies!! Do you guys? Anyway, I have a movie recommendation list, about which movies I recommend. I hope you like them. Some of these movies are still in theaters, but some are not so you can see them at your house. If you haven’t seen some, I totally recommend trying them :

  • Beauty and The Beast
  • Elf
  • Middle School The Worst Years Of My Life
  • Mona
  • Minions
  • Finding Dory
  • The Boss Baby
  • Daddy Day Care
  • Zapped
  • Peter Pan
  • Annie
  • The Wizard Of Oz, and many more

Which movies do you guys like?

How Far I’ll Go

Hi Everyone,

Have you guys heard the song, “How Far I’ll Go” by Alissia Cara? Or watched the movie Moana? Because this song, How Far I’ll Go is so good. Down below you can watch the official music video, since I think Alissia Cara is such a good singer! I posted about this because, I love listening to music, watching music videos, listening to songs by Alissia Cara, and I also love singing! Again, be sure to check out the music video down below :


I hope you enjoyed!

How To Make Glitter Slime

Hey  Guys,

Today I’m going to teach you guys how to make glitter slime. First, you want to either make slime (plain) or if you have it, you can use it, but if you don’t know how to make slime here is a video that will show you how :

Then,  you have to get glitter glue (which ever color) and insert some little by little and mush up the slime and fold it after each bit. When your slime looks like it has enough glitter, you can enjoy it and play with it!

This is what your slime will look like when it is done :


Just recently it was my birthday, so my aunt gave me a art set, and two art books that tell about famous art. She got me those gifts because she knows I love art. When I opened the present I was so excited I only saw the set, and started painting right away, then my aunt interrupted my painting and said, “Look, Gabi there is more.” “Really!” I gasped. It was a book of famous artists the book was so cool. We went through some artists like, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Marc Chagall, Edward Hopper, Alexander Calder, Mark Rothko, Joseph Beuys, Roy Lichtenstein, Yves Klein, Bridget Riley, Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse, David Hockney, and many more. Some artists painted sun paintings, moving art, mystery and light. Everyone’s art was so good and different. The next book was just about kinds of art. I liked the other book better because it states the artist and there painting. Which do you like learning more about artists and one of their pieces of artwork, or learning about different kinds of art? Lastly, my aunt left, and I said, “Thank you!” After she left, I thought about some things, this was the first time my aunt got me something rather than clothes for my birthday. I was surprised of what she got me, but it was such a good gift. After looking out all that art, I decided I wanted to draw something that looks like Pablo Picasso, so I looked back in my book and started drawing with all the great stuff my set came with, paint, water colors, colored pencils, and many more! I really enjoyed my present!! 

How To Make A Pillow

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to teach you guys how to make a pillow using a full roll of, “Bountys,” half of a pair of tights (one leg) black or white, scissors, tape, rubber band, and a hair tie. So let’s get started.

  1. First you gather all the materials listed above
  2. You take the full, “Bounty,” roll
  3. Get your tights (black or white) and cut them using a scissor in half, so you only have one leg or part of the tights
  4. Put the roll inside the tights like you would in a sleeping bag
  5. Tie or tap the end of the pillow when the roll is inside
  6. Enjoy!!!

Pancake Recipe For Kids Who Have Food Allergies

Hi Guys,

I have many allergies, milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame. Today I’m going to teach you guys how to make pancakes for kids who have allergies like me, and without all the things I’m allergic to. They taste delicious. My mom makes them for me often. Even if you don’t have any food allergies I still recommend trying them. All my friends that don’t have allergies and my brother love them. I’m going to teach you guys by using the mix, “Cheerybrook Kitchen.” Which makes allergy friendly recipes. Here is what you need to make the pancakes :

– Cheerybrooke Kitchen Mix

– Butter 1 teaspoon

-Water 1/2 cup

-Rice Milk 2 cups


Here is how you make them :

1. Put all the ingredients together in a big bowl

2. Mix until everything is blended

3. Pour the batter into a pan until it starts to look golden brown

4. Then flip it

5. Let it get golden brown on the other side

6. Remove from pan and put on plate

7. Let them cool off for a few minutes

8. Put any toppings you want on it or just leave it plane

9. Enjoy!!

You can find all these ingredients at the supermarket, “Whole Foods.”