Blowing Up Jot

In the book, “Eight Keys,” I understand why the book is a mystery, because before you unlock a key it feels so mysterious (what the author made me feel) and that you are so tempted to look and see what is behind each door. I feel really bad for Elise because her parents (both of them) had passed away. I also feel bad for her because she feels bad for herself for things that are not really her fault, and she has a lot going on and is not yet capable of doing them. I’m so excited to find out what is in the next room! I’m happy for Elise because she found something to remember her mother and go back to. I predict that the next room is going to have things about her dad. The first thing I noticed before I started reading the chapter was that the page that said, “Part 2” only had seven keys on it, which reveals before reading the chapter that Elise unlocked or is going to unlock the first key. I think what Aunt Bessie did with the key was a very generous thing that Elise can treasure. I wonder if they are going to put all the keys on that necklace or make a different one for each key?

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