It all started on a usual  Monday morning, 9:00 a.m, Heathcote school. The doors burst open. “Did you get booed?” Did you get booed?” Everyone asked each other one by one curiously.  Did you get booed? Do you know what booing is? Well, booing is when someone rings your doorbell, leaves a piece (s) of candy at your doorstep, and runs off! People do it as a tradition every year, starting a few weeks before Halloween.

At 8:35 a.m the bell rang. The doors burst open once again. A whole group of kids walked in. “What are you talking about?” “You got booed?” “Who booed you?” “Are you sure it was her?”

“It’s fun to get booed because you get lots of candy!” says Naomi Fischer. “I think it’s mysteries, fun, and it takes you be surprise when someone rings your doorbell and you see nobody there,” says Jordan Knispel. “I like booing. It’s really fun and cool because you get candy,” according to Sam Smith. “It’s fun to be booed, and it’s fun to boo your friends,” Sarina Metha says. “I think booing is really fun overall. Although if you are a new kid it might be sad because,  you might not get booed.”

Have you been booed? Well, you better be prepared…


A BIRD In The GYM!!!

It was a casual, rainy Thursday morning, 9:05 a.m. Somehow a bird managed to find its way into the Heathcote gym. At the time kindergartners were in the gym going wild. What will we do next? How will we get the bird out? This is chaos, here in the Heathcote gym! Teachers don’t know what to do! Kindergarteners are screaming, crying, running around going crazy. How will we get this bird out? What will we have to do?