Rocketry Reflection

In this rocketry process, I learned that while building you want to try to make your rocket as light as possible, in order for you to make it go higher. During designing, I learned that you need to have a lot of materials. During launching, I learned that your rocket might not go the way you wanted it to go at first, because you clearly have no experience. You might be last on your first launch, but first on your last launch.

Having three launches impacts the successes and failures of each rocket because after each launch you learn something new. This leads you to improving. While I was working with the group, I allowed everyone to include their ideas. I made sure every slide was consistant and that I completed all my slides in time.


I also learned that working in a group, with other people is good for creating a rocket. I think this because if your struggling there are other people in the group to help you come up with an idea. Although, there is some arguing along the way, the rocket turns out to be amazing.