Rube Goldberg Post #3

Gathering Materials

This week, I will start building, which means I will start gathering materials. For my Rube Goldberg machine I’m going to be using materials such as, dominos, bouncy balls, wood, cardboard, books, lensless glasses, tennis balls, etc. Some of these materials I made, some of them were old toys, and some of them I use for activities. While building, there is a good chance that I will not follow my plan exactly, so I might add or eliminate steps depending on how the building process goes. While looking for materials for your Rube Goldberg, I suggest checking your garage, basement etc. You never know what you can find! I also suggest looking through some of your old toys. The next step to my Rube Goldberg is building!! Yay!!!



Rube Goldberg Post #2


Once I got the idea of what a Rube Goldberg was, the next step was to make a sketch. I had a couple ideas for a Rube Goldberg, so this part wasn’t so difficult. Our Rube Goldberg had to be six steps. After looking at a bunch of videos online, I saw many different steps, which helped me a lot for more steps. I decided to have over six steps. Since I had tons of ideas, my sketch took me about twenty minutes. After I made my sketch, I had to look it over again. I saw one thing that wasn’t going to work so well, so I decided to take it out. Then, my sketch was better. My next step is to start gathering materials.

Rube Goldberg Post #1

Just Getting Started

At the beginning of the year, I barely knew what a Rube Goldberg was, until my teacher introduced the class. A Rube Goldberg is basically a machine you build to help you complete a simple task. When I got the idea I thought it was amazing and so cool! I was so excited to get started. I looked up videos online to get some ideas. Quickly, I sprouted ideas. I’m so excited to get started on building!!!