Capstone #1

As a fifth grader, this year we each get to make a capstone project. This project can be on anything you are passionate about, enjoy doing, etc. At first, when I heard of capstone, I had no idea of what I would do it on. But actually, the time has come and I have came up with about fifteen ideas. Then, I thought it would take me so long to decide on my topic! Finally, I have decided I wanted to do my capstone project on movie making. I decided to do this topic for many reasons. The first reason I decided to do this topic is because when I went to Los Angles I went to Warner Brothers Studios (where movies are created) and I thought it was so cool. I even got to go on set! Another reason why I chose this topic is because I love to act. It is one of my passions. Lastly, my uncle is an actor and the things he does are so cool. He was neighbors with one of the actors of one of my favorite shows, and I got to meet him! Overall, I’m so relieved that I finally chose a topic.

Social Issues

I think social issues are very important in life. The social issues that matter most to me are bullying, disabilities and losing your parent (s). Bullying matters a lot to me because many kids get their feelings hurt, and can be depressed. That’s not fair! Kids should be happy. Bullying also matters because people are purposely targeting other people, it’s not like they don’t realize it. As well as bullying, losing your parent (s) and having a disability can make you very upset as well. For instance, losing your parent (s) can just be very sad. Though, having a disability is not your fault, and if you have a disability you might be upset because you can’t do some of the things others can do. I think that we should stop bullying because disabilities or losing a parent you can’t really prevent. All of this social issues are a problem today. I know this because I’ve seen bullying happen, losing your parent (s) is something you can’t prevent, and it still goes around, lastly, disabilities people are just born with. Overall, I think that we should definitely try to prevent bullying better.