Capstone #2

Blog Post #2

By Gabi Smajlaj


Recently, we have just began the next two steps of Capstone. This has been kind of challenging, let me tell you more about it. The next steps of Capstone was to come up with a main inquiry question and sub questions. At first, our teacher gave us a poster board where we could come up with as many possible inquiry questions for our topic. I had so many questions, I thought it was going to be so hard to choose from. Once we came up with all of those questions, our teacher told us to select three questions from our poster and write them down. Then, I had to select one question from those three questions. Right away, I eliminated one of my questions because I realized it was an opinion question. Now, I was left with two. I really had to think about which question I wanted to research. I kept in mind that this question can’t be a question you can just look up online. Neither one of my questions were, anyway. After, a while I decided on my question. My question is: how has movie-making evolved over time and what elements contribute to a movie’s success or failure?


The next step was to come up with sub questions. Sub questions are questions that help you through the way of your main inquiry question. To help me, I used my poster board to look back at my other questions that could be helpful.  Currently, Ii’m still in the middle of coming up with my sub questions.


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