Capstone Blog Post #3

As Capstone continues, we had to have an interview. I just did my interview yesterday. For my interview, I decided to interview my uncle. His name is Zef Balbona. I decided to interview my uncle because he has experience acting and has seen movie making evolve over time.

At first, I was slightly nervous about my interview. This was because I wasn’t sure if interviewing an actor would quite work. Another reason of why I was nervous is because if he wasn’t able to answer my second question, he couldn’t answer the rest of the questions. Then, my interview would have flopped and it would have probably be too late to find another interview because we have to have our interview done by the end of this week.

On the other hand, I texted my uncle the questions, and asked him if they were answerable for him. Luckily, they were. I’m happy I asked him in advance because if the questions weren’t answerable, again my interview would have flopped and it would be really hard to find another one in time.

My interview went great! I learned some many new things that haven’t come up in books. I had all of my questions answered very well and in detail. I also asked additional questions that just popped up in my head that I thought would help.

Zef really helped me with my interview questions. He especially helped me with my second question about acting changing over time. He told me about this teacher in Russia that taught a lot of lessons of acting and these lessons still are getting passed on today. This happened about 100 years ago. Since then, he states he hasn’t seen acting change much since then.

Overall, I thought my interview went really well and I definitely learned some new information!

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