Capstone #7

Now, we are up to our final steps in Capstone! The next step was to present! After a while, we started presenting in front of my class. At first, I was really nervous, but once I was done, I felt much better and wasn’t nervous to go in the future. We practiced in front of the class little by little. For example, when we first started to present in front of the class, we went for two minutes. Then, we went for four minutes. Finally, we presented our whole presentation. Then, we practiced in front of other classes. Next, we had our big Capstone presentation in front of the parents. I liked how a few kids were in every room to present so we didn’t have to listen to about sixty kids present because everyone’s is about five minutes long. Overall, I really enjoyed Capstone, and I hope to do more projects like this in the future! If you are interested in watching my final Capstone presentation, here it is :


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