Capstone #6

As we continue Capstone, it was finally time to make our final product! We had to either do a TED talk presentation, where you create a google slideshow and talk about your topic for as long as you want, or we could do an Ignite presentation, where you create a slideshow and you can advance the slides to change automatically over a few seconds, and you also talk about your topic, or you can make a WeVideo, where you create a video about your topic.

I decided to do a TED talk. To create a TED talk I had to do a few steps. The first step I had to do was make a script in which I answered my sub questions. Sub questions are questions that you have to answer to lead you to answering your main inquiry question. The next step I had to do was make a google sideshow of photos that matched my script and information. This wasn’t challenging, and didn’t take a lot of time. You had the option to have one picture behind you, but I thought that was going to be boring, so I chose a little over twenty slides.The final step I had to do was to start practice my script over and over again. I had to do this until I knew my script well enough to not completely stare at my script while¬† I was presenting. Knowing my script wasn’t that difficult for me. I just had to practice and practice. Overall, I really liked the practicing part of the process and I can’t wait to present!

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