A BIRD In The GYM!!!

It was a casual, rainy Thursday morning, 9:05 a.m. Somehow a bird managed to find its way into the Heathcote gym. At the time kindergartners were in the gym going wild. What will we do next? How will we get the bird out? This is chaos, here in the Heathcote gym! Teachers don’t know what to do! Kindergarteners are screaming, crying, running around going crazy. How will we get this bird out? What will we have to do?

My initial thoughts…

I think this is kind of exciting and kind of scary to have my own blog. I think this is kind of exciting to have people read my work. I think it’s really cool to have my own blog that I write my stuff on. I wonder what else we are going to write on this blog?

I’m also kind of scared because a lot of people get to see my work. If I mess up I’ll be nervous, but I know you can delete it. Now since I know you can delete it, I’m more excited than nervous.