Skate Park

I pushed open the door and said, “Can we go to the skate park?“

“Sure,” my mom said.

“Do you want to invite someone?” my mom asked.

“Yay,” my brother said.

“OK I’ll invite them a couple minutes later.”

“They said yes.”

So we got in the car with our scooters and skateboards. And the next thing I knew we were at our friend’s house. They were waiting for us with their scooters and skateboards. They put their stuff in the car and got in. And their mom got in the front seat. My friend and I went to the way back of the car. The whole ride my handle bars from my scooter was hitting me in the head. It hurt a lot. By the time we got there my head really hurt. Anyway we got all of our scooters and skateboards from the trunk. We went inside. We started on our scooters. I went down a couple of ramps. Then we made a skate board stack. I took mine from the bottom. I can’t do ramps on my skateboard. So I just skated around a little bit.

I saw this other kid.He was really good he was doing tailwhips and barspins. I watched him for a while after that I had to go, so we all got all our stuff and went home. First we dropped them off.

“That was fun!” I said.

“Ya!” said my bother.

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