Technology Blog Post #4

Technology Blog Post #4

This week I learned how to use a sight called maker studio.  It helps you make 3-d creations out of regular paper.  This week as I am just getting used to it, I decided to make a simple cube.

This app was very fun to use and I can’t wait to make more complicated projects with it.

Technology Blog Post #3

Technology Blog Post #3

This week we learned about trusses.  The project I did this week was to see what is stronger a surface with trusses versus a surface without.  I used toothpicks and grapes, and made two cubes.  One of my cubes had trusses and the other one did not. Next I put books on top to compare them.  The box without tresses just collapsed after I put one book down.  On the other hand, the box with trusses stood up after I put one book down. This proves that trusses make things less brittle and stronger.

Technology Blog Post #2

Technology Blog Post #2

This week I learned about I beams. For my weekly project I had to compare a cardboard I beam, to a bunch of cardboard strips taped together. Both of the beams were made out of the same material, and the same amount of that material.

When I put a water bottle, and one block, on top of my beam that was a bunch of cardboard stuck together, here’s what it looked like.

You can see how it is bending, which means that this design is brittle. However, when I put an I Beam to the test here’s what it looked like.

This been is very ductile  compared to the other one, because it is not bending with even more blocks on it.

Overall I learned that the I beam is the better than just a few strips taped together.

Technology Blog Post #1

Technology Blog Post #1

This week I learned what materials I have to gather for technology class. I have been collecting bottle caps, because they work well as wheels. I did a nearpod lesson about glue. I learned about the history glue, and how to even make it! I can’t wait for monday’s nearpod!

Final Blog Post

Final blog post

For my final computer technology blog post I decided to write about my game design project,  I made a maze game. You have to dodge the green blocks and make it to the finish line. My sister played so many times until she won. It is a very fun game, and I think you should try it for yourself! Here is the game link, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to give me suggestion’s!

Swift playgrounds Post 2

I enjoyed must of the Swift playground activities, however all I can say is that some levels have the same concept as others so I wasn’t always learning something new.

I highly recommend doing Swift Playgrounds learn to code 1 activities, they teach you a lot about coding, and are also really fun.

I think this program is a good way to learn coding, however I wish you can customize more stuff, like sounds, and backgrounds.

Learn to Code 1 (Swift Playgrounds)

I choose composing a new behavior, because this one taught me how to problem solve using the commands given. I didn’t have a turn right block so instead I turned left 3 times. Allowing me to complete the level.


It was really easy once my teacher mr. Rose taught me how I can use other blocks to achieve things, such as using a turn left block to turn right.

This level set the bar on how to create my one blocks to do things faster.

About me Project

In my project i added the blue sky backdrop, and used the music box, soccer ball, and monkey sprites. I choose the music box because I love music. I choose the soccer ball because I love sports. I choose the monkey because my favorite animal is a monkey. I added text to each sprite to explain what they meant to me. My favorite part is my background, because I added clouds and a sun to make it very realistic.