Racial injustice

I just read an article about how blacks were treated over the years because all of the racism going around the world. I think it is wild to see how much has gone on recently and how hundreds of years ago it took place. It shows how things can’t change sometimes. Even if they change, Read More…

My family like to do puzzles together. It’s a different way to hang out together during this time.


I thought it was cool that in the website you explore each planet and look around it and learn new things

Mo willems doodles

I think the video was good and cool.It was coll of he made a thing just out of the number 17 and the video also can help you develop ideas for your own drawings.

new website

I think we should use the new website because it is fun because you could play games but at the same time learn I also like the subjects that they are giving you. I also like that the tiny articles have questions for you to answer

Ranger in Time

  Ranger In Time essay-By Gavin Wolfson I read a book called ranger in time escape from the great earthquake By Kate Messner. It is a book about a girl named Lily and her friend May and they meet a dog named Ranger. Ranger is a dog that is sweet and gentle and loves to Read More…

learn storm

I just did a project called learn storm and it is about having a positive mind set. A positive mindset is to be positive no matter what. I helped me realized I could do somethings that are some times challenging. When you think positive you feel like you can do something. It’s encouraging to me Read More…

student Rights

I think that student rights are important because everybody should behave and be safe at school and I think no one should violate Student Rights.I think students should have more freedom of speech because teachers limit how much the students talk and I think they should be able to talk a little bit more because Read More…