Michigan is better than Michigan state in sports

Do you think Michigan is better than Michigan State in sports? They are in My opinion? Michigan beat Michigan St ┬áin basketball and Michigan St and they are rank number 4 !!!!!!!! Last year in hockey Michigan beat Michigan St I think the score was 4-3 but I know Big M won!!!! Last year in football Michigan they played rank number 5!! They won by a FIELD GOAL!! Last year in women’s basketball Michigan was down 2 2.3 seconds left in the game Michigan made a half court shot made it the refs revood the play it was good. I hope you loved this opinion Michigan is better!!!!! Jim Harbaugh is way better than James Franklin

One thought on “Michigan is better than Michigan state in sports

  1. I like how you wrote and l like how you added details but can you make it a little bit longer? I also like Michigan and Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football and Michigan itself. GO MICHIGAN!!

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