nintendo 3DS

Do you want to  learn about Nintendo 3DS? If you do read on. There  will be a button on the right it will say 3d push it up if you want 3d. There are 4 buttons A,b,x,and y. some games you hold down the buttons or some times you tap. The games are very different. They are also small. The games go in a little slot in the 3DS. They joy stick will move your person. They will give you a good chance of winning the games you are playing. When there is a red light it needs to be charged. Some games are Mario kart 8, yoshies woolies word and more. There are more buttons like rt,lt,l, and r. It is amazing you should get a Nintendo 3DS or other Nintendos. But first get a Nintendo 3DS.

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  1. Hi Gavin.
    I like how you do blogs and how you tell people information like this this article. You did a very good job and I admire your work.
    Keep it up Gavin! Go Blue!
    – Oscar

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