I am back

Hi guys it is Gavin and I have been playing  fortnite season 7 and it is great you should play to, My favorite video game is fortnite I also like sports video games like madden and NHL


My favorite kind of food is breakfast foods my favorite food is bacon the first time I tried bacon I thought it was going to be so soft but it was crunchy, I love eggs too.


I also play sports my favorite sport is baseball I used to play lacrosse I am great at both but I don’t like lacrosse I like to play football at recess I like to watch football I also do fantasy football


I love to go places my favorite place to go is Ann Arbor, Michigan I love the college I go to mexico alot it is so much fun I am going to Florida later


I hope you like my posts tell me if I need to improve anything and don’t forget to follow me go blue!  


3 thoughts on “I am back

  1. I think you did really good and that you did very good on paragraphing and that you did a lot of good things for I’m back post the only thing is that you forgot to add a period sometimes. Go Blue?

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