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Title: Flying squirrels the glow pink in the dark


Resources: NY Times


Article date: Feb 1  2019


Summary: The southern flying squirrel is most at the time of dusk and dawn. It’s usually brown but when it was spotted with a UV flashlight it looks hot pink.


After researchers examined a variety of flying squirrels they realized the pink is real.


There are 3 different types of flying squirrels northern, southern and humboldt. They all turned pink under the light.


It has not been determined if mammals have this ability but fluorescence is common in the oceans.


Researchers believe that the UV light is mostly seen during dawn and dusk. Squirrels are most active then, so they believe other animals can see the pink without the help of a UV flashlight.


Owls hunt squirrels and have the same hue as them, so a flying squirrel can actually look like a flying owl


Personal response: I chose this article because I thought it was cool that squirrels can glow pink and they can fly


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