Ranger in Time


Ranger In Time essay-By Gavin Wolfson

I read a book called ranger in time escape from the great earthquake By Kate Messner. It is a book about a girl named Lily and her friend May and they meet a dog named Ranger. Ranger is a dog that is sweet and gentle and loves to help people. There could be several themes but I think the theme is someone will always be there for you.

I think this because When Ranger goes inside a building and finds Lily crying because her fish Gum Gum died from the earthquake Ranger was there for here to comfort her when she thought she left Gum Gum behind and Ranger helped her get out of the building that was wrecked and had parts of the ceiling on the floor from the terrible earthquake. My evidence for this is on page 18.

Another reason I think this is in the story there was an earthquake and Mays’s little brother named Lee was inside a building and a bunch of bookshelves fell on him. May and Lily rushed inside when the earthquake was over and they lifted up the bookshelves and got him out and put him in a wagon to take him to the hospital because he was hurt. They were there for him when he actually needed it. My evidence for this is on page 42.

My last reason is when they took Lee to another hospital to give Lee medicine or a procedure they needed a parent. But Lily’s parents and May’s parents were not there so they could not do or give anything to Lee to help him feel better. But then out of nowhere Mays’s mom and dad came in. May and Lily were relieved That Mays’s parents were here. When the doctor found out that Mays’s parents were here she gave Lee some medicine. My evidence for this is on page 111.

In life, there will be someone there for you to help you with whatever problems and situations you come across in your lifetime. 


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