The day the cushion quit

Dear Gavin, it is cushion here i am  tired of you sitting on me. Do you think i like smelling your back and butt? Some days  you push me so hard i can’t even breath. You chose me every time.   your used friend cushion.

nintendo 3DS

Do you want to  learn about Nintendo 3DS? If you do read on. There  will be a button on the right it will say 3d push it up if you want 3d. There are 4 buttons A,b,x,and y. some games you hold down the buttons or some times you tap. The games are very different. Read More…

dust buddies

Their brave because they sucked a maid in a vacuum cleaner. They also stud up to the maid. They also went in the vacuum cleaner. When they were in there they saw their friends in balls. They also went and put their friends back together without being scared. It was brave to do all those Read More…

no smoking

Do you want people to stop smoking? I do. People should shut down tobacco factories because tobacco is the worst things in cigarretts and cigars . You can get cancer and die. People are addicted . people are addicted to cigars or cigarettes. If more people smoke more people can die. Some of them could Read More…

Hello world!

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