rocketry lanch

It was October 23rd 2017 heathcote field it was our first Rocketry launch. During the rocketry launch I had a ton of fun My rocket went straight up and it was super duper good. According to the data JEXL rocket went highest and science Minds the lowest. My Rockets average was 47 meters and we got third place. Me and my friend Marcello helped set up the launch pad for my rocket I have a video and I will show it to you later in the blog. The ways that the rocket worked was that we filled it with 200 mm of water and 90 PSI of air pressure. We did this project because of research on Isaac Newton and learning about his laws of motion. We used kanalo matters to measure how high the Rockets went.Some of the meters that the kilometers got weren’t so accurate so we had to take them out. The Rockets went super high and they looked super good. but finally I have two questions. Why did the Rockets not go so high some of them. And how does the water in air work.

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